Top 4 Bridesmaids Gift Ideas

MsSomethingBlue, Contributor

Best friends. Soulmates. Girlfriends. Whatever you call them, your bridesmaid are some of the most important women in your life. Why not make them feel special with a really great gift? Gone are the days of bridesmaid to bride only gifts. Brides are starting a new tradition of gifts for their bridesmaids.

  1. The DIY. Weddings can be pricey, from the dress to the cake to the photographer. For our budget friendly brides we recommend doing it yourself! D-I-Y doesn’t mean cheap but affordable. D-I-Y gifts can be some of the most thoughtful gifts people receive. I recommend wine glasses with painted sayings or designs. Like this DIY by Mommy Like Whoa. It’s fun, cute and who doesn’t love a glass of wine? You can even thrift your glasses for as low as $1 at a Goodwill storeDIY-decorated-wine-glasses-mommylikewhoa.com_.jpg
  2. Branded Wedding Merch. Merch isn’t only for Beyoncé and Taylor Swift. Plus on your wedding day you are THE Queen. Why not celebrate with some matching swimsuits for summer weddings or hoodies for the cooler months. Think outside. Like the bride who gifted her bridesmaids baseball jerseys with the number of years of their friendship embroidered on the back. Etsy is the home of personalized gifts.abride
  3. Candy. We all have a bit of a sweet tooth. Spoil your best gal pals with something blue and something sweet.
  4. Jewelry. If you’re looking to get a little fancy, jewelry is a timeless gift. That way, every time your bridesmaid looks at her favorite watch or ring she will remember your friendship fondly.

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Got any good bridesmaid gift ideas?

Tell us in the comment section below!


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