Prom Trends | What To Wear w/ TheFabJunkie

By Suma Kaul, 

You’ve dreamed of this day for the longest time. You’ve crammed for tests, showed up for summer school and picked the perfect person to go with- It’s PROM. It’s finally here and you NEED a dress.

Thrifting for prom dresses is a good idea because you know no one else will be showing up wearing the same dress as you and THAT’S always a good thing.

BUT, what are we wearing? What are we looking for?

Here are some on-trend ideas for this Prom Season.



Black on Black:

Lets start with the obvious. All black never goes out of style. BLACK is a classic look that works for any formal occasion. Especially prom. The pros of wearing all black on prom night is it can be very slimming and chic. The only con is it can appear boring. The last thing you want to be in boring on your magical prom night. To jazz up your all-black ensemble you can add “bulky” jewelry. For example, dangling earrings or a glitzy clutch.




Animal Print:

When animal print is done right it can be a statement look. I always say to keep your animal print from looking over done, you pair it with muted pieces. Simple shoes, clutch and jewels. Adding solid pops of color or simple black pumps, you will no doubt have a killer look. Think of colors like red, orange or even gold.





Basically, this look is head to toe GLAM. I love this look for a night out like prom. There’s no need for jewelry because your dress is doing the talking for you.





What I love about wearing lace is the romantic feel it gives your style. If you find one while Thrifting it can also give a vintage vibe. You can wear any color or style with this type of material. I love the A-Line look for an event like prom. 4PromStyleLACE.jpg

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Suma Kaul is a NYC-based fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger from She loves thrifting and making something old new again. 

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