Trend To Watch: Embroidery Style

By Suma Kaul,

There’s a lot of cool trends that we need to look out for this upcoming spring season. One of the trends I really love is ANYTHING with Embroidery design on it.

From basic button downs to the traditional Mexican style hand embroidery dresses- I’m digging it all. Finding these items new can break the bank. Am I right? BUT thank goodness for thrift and vintage stores! They always come to the rescue. With a little rack searching, you can definitely find a few of these beloved vintage pieces. Lucky for us, fashion repeats itself. Check out the list of Embroidery items to keep a look out for to stay on trend.


Denim on denim on denim: It’s really no secret and at this point it’s just a plain ole’ obsession BUT denim. Anything denim with some embroidery design will kick off your look perfectly. I love pairing a pair of jeans with a simple tee to keep the eye on the embroidery design. Finding “on trend” denim can be difficult at a thrift store but if you find a pair you love, you always DIY your own pattern.


Dresses: I have come across many styles in my local thrift store lately. The one that sticks out the most is the traditional Mexican style. They were popular in the 90’s so you might have luck snagging one in your thrift store. These dresses are super comfy and are perfect for the spring/summer season. Pairing them a pair of white sneakers and a cross-body, you’re ready for a shopping day!


Button Downs: When it comes to button downs, you want to keep an eye out for a more “western” look. Don’t worry, you can make this work I promise. When styling your new to you embroidery button down, you can pair it with a pair of high-waisted jeans and some flats to tone down the western feel. BUT if you ask me, I think cowboy chic is making a comeback!



Happy Thrifting!

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