To Buy The Shoe or Not?

By Suma Kaul,

Thrift shopping for shoes can be fun. I mean, nothing beats finding a pair of designer shoes for 7 bucks. With that being said, this exact thing happened to me this week. I took a random trip to the Goodwill Store on 89th street the other day.

With no intentions of making a purchase, I calmly (but quickly) patrolled the shoe racks. I look for specific things when thrifting for shoes. Don’t worry,  I will give you that in more detail soon.  I came across a pair of black booties (check) with a kitten heel (check) and I grabbed them. After realizing they were Manolo Blahniks, I quickly kicked off my sneakers to try them on! PERFECT FIT!


Well, what made me buy a pair of “used” shoes you ask? Let me break it down for you. The price, the quality and the brand. There is no way on this planet that I could justify spending a fortune (or at least one month’s rent) on a pair of shoes. So thrifting makes it easier for me to shop higher-end brands for much cheaper. I have a few tips to help YOU patrol the shoes racks of your local thrift shop, Check out my tips!

Tips For Thrifting Shoes:

Check For Brands: you want to make sure your purchase makes sense. Is this an inexpensive brand that you can live without? Or is this a high-end brand that you could never afford in real life? If it’s something you can’t normally afford and it’s in your size, DO IT. Give those puppies a new home. If the shoe is from a fast fashion chain (Forever 21, Wet Seal, etc) you might want to skip it. Unfortunately fast fashion companies don’t put in the quality work when they make their shoes. Doesn’t mean they aren’t good, just means that it might be worth skipping. Also, don’t be afraid to google the type of shoe you find to check if the brand is worth it. (Tip: google type of shoe, brand and cut. Ie: Black Manolo Blanhik Kitten heel botties. The more descriptive you are, the better your search will be)

Condition: you want to make sure the condition of the shoe isn’t overly worn out. Some shoes can be repaired but you should factor in that cost when making the purchase. The Manolo Blahnik boots I purchased were only $7 but I factored in the cost of repair and restoration for the shoe before jumping for full joy.

Fit: Listen, I’ve been there. You find an adorable pair of shoes, you take them off the shelf and stick your foot in them only to find out, they don’t fit. Either too small or too big. Seriously, your feet aren’t going to grow and they aren’t going to shrink so don’t buy them. I don’t care if they’re vintage and you tell yourself that you won’t walk as much the day you wear them. It isn’t true and you won’t wear them. Leave them behind so someone else can give them a good home.

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Suma Kaul is a NYC-based fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger from She loves thrifting and making something old new again. 

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