5 Essential Accessories Every Gentleman Needs!

Accessorizing is no longer a gender-specific concept, every gentleman needs to know how to accessorize his outfits to turn heads and get the attention he deserves.

  1. Watch. Having a nice watch around your wrist tells a lot about a gentleman; one of those being that you always know what time it is. Whatever fits your fancy you can pair a great outfit with a nice gold tone, silver tone, a mixture of silver and gold, brown and black leather bands. Why not experiment with my personal favorite at the moment: rose gold?



  1. Bow tie and/or neck tie. The more neckwear you have, the more versatile your outfits will be. Most men avoid neck/bow ties because of the complexity of tying the ties, but here’s a tip: YouTube it. There are videos that show step by step how tying a bow/neck tie is easier than you think! Check out how to tie a bow tie here.



  1. Wallet. It may seem like a no-brainer but men will go years before replacing or even cleaning their wallet out. A man’s wallet should be intact and reflect good taste.




  1. Brown/black belt. A nice brown or black belt is an essential accessory when trying to achieve the look of a gentleman. Men tend to keep belts for long periods of time like wallets, but we should also invest in belts. Black and brown belts are essential because they can easily match with any attire.




  1. The last accessory isn’t really an accessory…think of it as a finisher to your outfit. Having a great scent to finish your look can make all the difference. Knowing what scents go well with your body chemistry is important and it will definitely top your look as a gentleman.


As mentioned, many of these articles are found at shopgoodwill.com for reasonable prices. They can be shipped to you or you can go to your local Goodwill stores and find similar items. The gentleman look should not deplete your bank!! Above all, the most important accessory is confidence; being gentleman is an inward concept that is seen outwardly based on your confidence.

I hope you found all of these tips helpful!!

What other accessories should gentlemen have? Comment below.


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