3 Last Minute Thrift Store Items For Your Extended Family

 So, lets be honest shopping for everyone in your family is already a tough job. Now imagine you have a whole bunch of in-laws (or soon to be in-laws OR just your significant other’s family) to cover also. Now that’s time and money some of us don’t have. You want to make everyone feel special this of year, of course. But how can we do that and still be able to afford coffee on January 1st?  Well, I have the perfect idea!

Stop at your local Goodwill to cover every one who’s “last” on your list. Here are three last minute items that you can find at your local thrift store that will make an awesome gift.



1)  Paintings and Framed Artwork:  

It may sound strange but trust me you can find some amazing paintings and framed art at your local Goodwill. Uncovering the right piece can be difficult but you have to be open to the alternative. This option works for the person in your extended family that has a guest room or walkway that’s bare. Pick a piece that tells a story which the gift receiver can appreciate.




2)  China: 

People donate tons of vintage China Pieces. Drink ware, Vases and Plates or cups with gold trim (I love finding a good gold trim piece), which can be the ideal gift for the trendy extended family members. You can also create a collection of items that can be used throughout their home or apartment.  The other option is picking up one piece and making it into a jewelry plate or candleholder. Think CREATIVELY!




3)  Linens:

I know. I know. Who really wants someone else’s sheets? I know I DO and I would LOVE more affordable linens in my apartment. This gift option works for the person with pets or kids. I’m always throwing an extra sheet down on my couch when people are over to prevent my guests from leaving with dog hair souvenirs on them.

 Presentation is key when wrapping your thrift store finds. Make it appealing and like I stated before, think creatively and create a story for your recipient to appreciate. No one wants to feel like his or her present was bought out of desperation. A little thought goes a long way.  Happy Shopping!


Suma Kaul is a NYC-based fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger from TheFabJunkie.com. She loves thrifting and making something old new again. 

When you #ShopGoodwill , not only will you look good, you’ll feel good, too! Head here to find GoodwillNYNJ store locations near you!

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