DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater

Suma Kaul,

After sharing  How To Style An Ugly Christmas Sweater, I felt inspired to create an easy DIY for this season. I was asked so many questions on where to find an “ugly sweater” and BOOM, it hit me. In case you’re having a hard time locating a colorful cheerful piece to wear, I put together this easy tutorial. All you will need to make your Ugly Sweater are 3 items! Check out the tutorial below!

DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater

Here’s what you will need:



*Self-Adhesive Velcro

DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater

First, you will want to lay the sweater you’re using flat. Place your first piece of velcro onto the sweater and secure. Then, place the matching piece of velcro on the bow. I used the neckline of the sweater as my guide.

Attach bow.

DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater

Repeat along the neckline of the sweater.

You can go nuts and attach the bows throughout the front of the sweater. I wanted to keep it simple yet fun! The good part about using the self-adhesive velcro is that it secures the bow without ruining the sweater or the back of the bow. I mean, what if you need one to pop on that last minute gift you just wrapped?  Check out the end product!



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Suma Kaul is a NYC-based fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger from She loves thrifting and making something old new again. 

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