By Suma Kaul, TheFabJunkie

Here’s an easy tutorial to get your new favorite pair of denim, off the rack and onto your body!

My denim ALWAYS ends up the same way- folded into a small cuff. Sometimes by choice and sometimes because they’re so long! Most of the time, I can find a pair of petite denim that fits. I may have to roll them up once, but overall- the length will be suitable. The real problem I have is when I purchase a nice pair of ripped denim that does NOT come in lengths. Or when you find a pair on sale and NEED to have them but it’s a 4 Long. OR when you’re thrifting and you find a pair of vintage Levi’s? I swoon over vintage Levi’s every time. Now here is where this DIY comes in handy!  

Taking a pair of cute denim to get hemmed can run you about 15-25 bucks. Trust me, I’ve been there and when I get them hemmed, I always like the original hem look (that’s about $25). So eventually, I had to come up with my own solution. Here’s the thing, I don’t mind taking them to get hemmed but eventually it adds up. I mean, you buy a pair of pants on sale for $14.99 but it costs $25 to hem them- does that make sense? I think NOT. I rather save the time and the money. Here’s an easy tutorial to get your new favorite pair of denim, off the rack and onto your body! I mean, this bunched up look isn’t cute!

Check out my tutorial


Things You Will Need: 

Denim (duh), something to measure the length, a scissor that cuts fabric. The dog is optional. 


I measured about 2 & 1/2 inches. Make sure you give yourself some room. DO NOT OVER CUT. You can always cut more, at the end. Keep in mind, the denim may shrink when washed.


I cut the two leg openings together and took my time cutting. The fabric will move, so if you cut too fast you will end up with unmatched ends. The ends won’t be perfect but that’s where the final step comes in.


You can either fold them one time or double. I always end up folding them twice. I like the look of them. 



This easy DIY can be used with any pair of denim. If you find a lighter wash you will want to give yourself more folding room. So basically, cut a little less. I hope you find this Denim No Sew Hem DIY helpful! 

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