How To Style A Bandana

By Suma Kaul,

A traditional bandana can be an interesting thing to style.


Bandanas can add an edgy flare or give you the perfect touch needed for a simple outfit. Not to mention it’s one of the cheapest accessories out there. I keep seeing them popping up on some of my favorite blogger’s Instagram pages and fashion related websites- so I thought it would be fun to do a “How To Style” post. With the right color and outfit, a bandana can go from Western Chic to City Street Style in under 2 minutes. I put together 5 EASY ways to style or add a bandana to your look. They’re easy fun ways that keep can keep you in your “fashion comfort zone”. You know we all have a comfort zone which we are sometimes afraid of stepping out of. I made it easy for everyone to be able to at least TRY one of these looks. These styling tricks don’t only work with a bandana BUT they can also be used with vintage or thrifted scarfs! 

Check out my styling tips and if you have a favorite scarf you have been waiting to style, you can replace it with that! 


1) Pin-Up Goddess: What’s better than feeling like a 50’s pin-up princess? Close to nothing! Grab your hair in a twist at the back and tie the bandana with the edges on top. Last but not least. WORK it! 


2) Bank Robber: What I love about this style is that if you’re wearing a low cut shirt, it covers up anything you don’t want to show. I folded the bandana in half and then just tied it in the back. Simple!  


3) Neck Tie: This is my favorite. Using the bandana as a necklace is super fun. You wouldn’t believe it but it adds a nice sassy touch. 


4) Arm Candy: I love this look- especially around the spring/fall when it isn’t too hot or sunny out. Let me just warn you, if you wear this style in the HOT beaming sun- it WILL leave an unflattering tan line. 

image 6.jpeg

4) Accessory For Your Accessory: Even though this bag can hold its own, I love how the red adds some contrast and takes down the fancy-ness levels. 

Suma Kaul is a NYC-based fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger from She loves thrifting and making something old new again. 

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