Costume  Thrifting with TheFabJunkie

There are two types of people in this world- ones who plan their Halloween costumes for months and then they’re the people who end up sifting through their closets for something they can throw on and make it look as if they put a tiny ounce of thought into it.

Ladies and gentlemen, I hate to break it to you- the second one is me. I spent many of my adult years dressing up as “myself”. I LOVED dressing up as a kid. I would be Barbie and my brother would be He-Man. The days of plastic masks that you couldn’t breathe in was the best. Unfortunately, spending cash on costumes are long gone for me. I can’t justify it. None-the-less, if I need a costume, I try to think creatively.


If you’re like me and your friends force you into dressing up, you might want to stop into your local thrift store and grab some threads that can both work in real life and for Halloween. That’s exactly what I did the other day. I went to my local Goodwill and I couldn’t believe how many costumes they had. I wish I would have known this as a kid because my mom would have loved to save some money.




Goodwill has new with tags costumes and of course they have racks on racks of clothes if you want to DIY a costume. I noticed a full Chewbacca costume, a pilot and even a Wonder Woman. It’s easy to mix and match pieces and if there’s something missing from the costume you found, you can most likely look for something on the racks to supplement it. The trick is to find your key pieces and build around them- like in any outfit. You never know what you will find at your local thrift store and you better bet that NO one will be wearing your costume on Halloween!




Happy Costume Shopping!

Suma Kaul is a NYC-based fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger from She loves thrifting and making something old new again. 

When you #ShopGoodwill , not only will you look good, you’ll feel good, too! Head here to find GoodwillNYNJ store locations near you!



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