5 Fashion Tips for My Younger Self

It’s become quite trendy to write letters to your younger self that reassure young, insecure you that it gets better in the future.

That everything you spent so much time worrying about turns out to not be of that much importance once you hit your 20s. When I ponder about my juvenile years all I can focus on is the poor fashion choices I made. Nothing haunts you like the box of photographs your mom has of a gangly version of yourself sporting bell-bottom overalls and platforms. Here are 5 fashion tips I would give my younger self.

  1. Accessories make a world of a difference. Don’t sleep on your bracelets, sunnies or belts. Accessories can make or break your look starting with whatever adorns your head to how you decide to dress your feet. Accessories can make an old outfit feel new again! Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?
  2. Can’t go wrong with a nicely fitted pair of jeans. Every closet has a pair of jeans I’m sure but how do they fit? Everyone should have at least one pair of jeans that makes them stand a little taller, talk a little bolder and strut their stuff. You know what jeans I’m talking about. The ones that Brooke Shield raved about. And I’m not just talking about brand name, your jeans should make you feel that way a fresh bowl of ice cream makes you feel. (Minus the guilt.)
  3. Sneakers aren’t just for the gym. Growing up I was such a girly girl. My mom was only allowed to buy me pink flats. And yes, they had to be pink. I was in my Legally Blonde phase and I was obsessed with every hue of blush I could find. While my classmates were obsessing over the latest Jordans I collected pointy flats, ballet flats and flat sling backs. (When I was feeling creative, I stapled cutouts of Vogue magazine onto my favorite flats. I was a disaster.) It’s a shame I didn’t recognize sneakers for the gem that they are. Now that I’m older, I can appreciate the accessory of the more physically adept. They come in every color, pattern, texture imaginable and much like jeans, sneakers can be dressed up or down. What more could you ask for? IMG_3816
  4. Color isn’t going to kill you. In my last post, I discussed how print mixing is a fashionista’s best friend. I haven’t always been s0 adventurous. In fact, I was strictly a neutrals sort of girl. I’m talking the color of sand-eh I mean beige, white, black and of course pink. Granted pink can be neon bright; I often times denied myself the pleasure of reds, greens and yellows. It wasn’t until one day when I was wearing tan pants and a white top with tan shawl that my aunt pointed out how washed out I appeared. “It’s a miracle, but you’re actually starting to blend in with the walls,” she said. (We were in a very sterile, very old doctor’s office.) Appalled, I immediately started incorporating color into my wardrobe.
  5. Keep being you. All in all I tried to be as hip as my annual budget would allow me to be as a kid. When I look back on it I definitely rocked bell bottom overalls like nobody’s business; for that I’m grateful. I’m grateful that I was the kind of kid that put myself out there because if there’s one thing in fashion that’s incredibly important it’s confidence.



JasmineSkyy Forcer is a NYC-based writer, blogher and thrifter.  She lives for the theatrics and loves to seek, find and photograph graffiti all over the world. To learn more about Jasmine’s thrifty adventures in NYC check her out at https://jasmineskyy.com.

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