In Hiding: This Week on Inside the Prop Closet

If you had to go into hiding for a while and could only bring five things with you, what would you bring? Assuming that my very basic necessities (food, water etc) were taken care of, there are a few things that I wouldn’t want to live without:

1). A 4mm crochet hook.

2). 10 pounds of yarn in different colors. I might as well devote time to some serious crocheting while I’m in there, right?

3). A Toni Morrison book that I haven’t read yet, like Song of Solomon. I’d love to catch up on some reading, too, and would have to take an option from one of the best.

4). A Polaroid instant print camera with a few months supply of film. I’m going to assume that there’s very little electricity in this hiding place, too. Still, I’d have to document this experience. It’s supreme blog material.

5). A journal and pen. Again, supreme blog material.

The nonstop drama of this year’s presidential election makes it seem like the only sensible thing to do, at least to me, is get away from it all. Take a step back. Regroup and retreat. No more endless Facebook comment wars; no more email scandals or controversial sound bites. No more convincing of the rightness or wrongness of someone. Things have gotten so messy. Wouldn’t it be nice to say “I’ll be back when it’s over?”

My latest personal Photoshop challenge was inspired by this desire to go into temporary hiding. I’m not totally happy with the results. Admittedly, I need to get better at creating more realistic shadows. But it was a fun idea to try and bring to life. I used a bunch of thrifted items that I own. From left to right, the pile of yarn, patterned tea set, vintage camera, colorful potholder and blue trimming were all from thrift stores.

It’s so fascinating to see pieces of your personality bought or created by someone else, then donated, waiting for you to discover it in a thrift store. Maybe that journey speaks to the interconnectedness of the human experience – so many of my quirks are shared with others. And maybe that interconnectedness is what makes this year’s election so emotionally draining for me. When hurling insults becomes a norm, when uninformed rhetoric casts disparaging blanket statements over an entire group of people, when us vs. them becomes an encouraged way of thinking, then maybe it’s time step away for a bit. Now more than ever, self-care and self-preservation seem like especially important priorities.

072115_SelfieDavid Leon Morgan is a Bronx-based creative storyteller and crafter. He loves to crochet, sing extremely loudly in the shower and help others share their story in creative ways. Learn more about him and his work at

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2 thoughts on “In Hiding: This Week on Inside the Prop Closet

  1. Marcie says:

    Song of Solomon is one of my all time top five favorite books, it’s gorgeous and fluorescent. She has a line in this book that always stays with me, where she compares the color of the sky, exact and precise, to the color of the ribbons on her mother’s bonnet.
    I do hope you find some time to read it:)

    And that feeling of finding something that was donated in a thrift store, that obviously beyond a doubt was made for you is so unbelievable! It never fails to shock me and forces me to reform the odds and all the places we both journeyed to before finding one another. It’s so so wonderful!
    very nice article! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    • David Leon Morgan says:

      Thanks for the comment, Marcie! I really do need to make time to read Song of Solomon. Morrison is such a master at her craft; the vivid imagery she uses is just supernatural.

      And I’m glad we connect on the wonders of thrift store shopping! It’s incredible how interconnected we all are, in so many ways.

      – David


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