Get in the habit of Color

Just because it’s August doesn’t mean Summer is over just yet! I’ve still got the urge to sport my summer brights and nothing will stop me. Not the  back-to-school ads or the presence of Fall leaves as decor in the shops. There is one Fall color that I am happy make nice with– yellow.


Ah, yellow. That sweet hue or Beyoncé’s favorite summertime drink. The literal color of joy. The beginning of a new day. The promise of things to come. Let me not get carried away but I am smitten with this shade of happy. I find it everywhere I go. Like this mini mustard pencil skirt that was the perfect fit for $4.


Hey you, what’s your color of the moment?





JasmineSkyy Forcer is a NYC-based writer, blogher and thrifter.  She lives for the theatrics and loves to seek, find and photograph graffiti all over the world. To learn more about Jasmine’s thrifty adventures in NYC check her out at




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