The Charm of Old Books: This Week on Inside the Prop Closet

Heady Books

Image2 (2)

My favorite section in any thrift store is the books section. There’s just something about the smell of old book pages. It’s such a comforting smell! I especially love when there are handwritten notes in the margins. It’s as if I’m getting a glimpse into someone’s inner thoughts. It feels sacred.

Image3 (1)

I do have one very unfortunate issue with the books section: I’m not an avid book reader. Sure, I love the act of reading — give me an engaging online article or (for better or worse) the comments on a Facebook post, and I’m usually hooked. But when it comes to sitting down to read a long novel in a physical book, I can’t seem to sit still.

But I want to change this. Really, I do. I want to have a growing library of old books in my home. Yes, I could get an e-reader like the Kindle, but the charm of old books is too attractive. I think I can convert my millennial brain from the digital to the tactile – I have faith. Starting today (as in the day that I’m writing this), my goal is read one printed book page a day — just one, at least until opening up a good book becomes second nature to me.

Until then, they make great props for me to use in my Photoshop exercises! The image above (the one with my severed head, of course) required me to use new tools that I wasn’t familiar with. It was a good way for me to learn new techniques, though admittedly I still need a lot of practice. Maybe I should add a Photoshop instructional to my new book journey? I’ll include it in my growing pile of thrifted books just waiting for me to enjoy them.

Image4 (1)
The original images used to make the severed head image at top.


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