Rock a Fun, Fearless Print with @PlanetBrandee



@PlanetBrandee: Fun Prints go Viral!

So last week we learned how to freestyle our hot summer days! And this week, we’re going to have fun with SO: Who can show us THE best ways to combine, rework and upgrade our fabulously thrifted Goodwill gear? As always, we turn the hottest faces on YT for that Pinterest-inspired fashion remix!


First up, the super cute, talking in sync Nik and Gabi who spin that fierce wheeeeee of fashion and mix those patterns like a boss!



Second up, we get the insanely gorgeous and down-to-earth Chriselle Lim!


She guides us through color as key, and pairing bold on bold with taste without getting too “busy”. We sourced a boxy jacket that was super busy (like Lims!) and layered over a light floral dress for a fun look!



And lastly, the funky Meredith (aka Stilababe09) shows us how to NOT be a hot mess and pull off the best of mixing patterns!

pic-3-6.24Keep those colors in the SAME family to avoid looking crazy!


SO! How do you mix your patterns? Bright? Bold? Totally Simpsons cat lady?! Snap a pic of yourself looking cute and share it with us for a chance to be featured next month!

And as always, stay tuned for my next #travel #adventure, till then, follow my #food, fun and travel treks on Twitter and Instagram @PlanetBrandee and see you on the streets!


When you #ShopGoodwill , not only will you look good, you’ll feel good, too! Because your purchases support Goodwill’s programs and services, and 92 cents of every dollar earned supports our mission. Head here to find GoodwillNYNJ store locations near you!


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