Fashionable Freestylin’ with @PlanetBrandee



@PlanetBrandee Hello Summertime Fashion Freestyle!

So last week we learned how to pack for summer vacations like a boss, and this week we’re going to line up our top hot-hot-heaters outfits straight from the best of YT! So grab those breezy cover ups, denim overalls and flips, because it’s 90 degrees and we’re ready to rock!

SO: Who can show us THE best ways to combine, rework and upgrade our fabulously thrifted Goodwill gear? Naturally, the top mavens of YouTube!


First up, the Valentine we all #love, coming in at over 141K views she’s giving us the best of the best ways to style DIY! And if you’re a #GWFAN like we are, there’s no end to how much you love DIY!


Second up – we go on a Clothes Encounter of the 3rd Kind with ClothesEncounters (come on, who can resist THAT play on words lol?!), who clicks in at over 1 MILLION followers and who shows us a breezy, fun, Cali-inspired ways to style those 100-degree weather outfits!


And lastly, the fiercest Coachella-inspired hot HOT days collection of outfit inspo from our favorite gal at MyLifeAsEva! What, like we can talk summer time outfits and NOT talk festivals?!


SO! How do you DIY your summer? Layering linens? Cut-offs and cowboy boots? Secondhand sundress? Or mix and match high-low combinations where Chanel meets the streets? Snap a pic of yourself looking cute and share it with us for a chance to be featured next month!

And as always, stay tuned for my next #travel #adventure, till then, follow my #food, fun and travel treks on Twitter and Instagram @PlanetBrandee and see you on the streets!


When you #ShopGoodwill , not only will you look good, you’ll feel good, too! Your purchases support Goodwill’s programs and services. Head here to find GoodwillNYNJ store locations near you!

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