An Ode to Love: This Week on Inside the Prop Closet

A Path Forward




The recent tragedy in Orlando has affected me in so many ways. I’ve spent large parts of the days after the news in mourning, with the feeling of a heavy weight pressing down on my core. It’s difficult to think about the many layers the tragedy contained, and I seem to have an almost compulsive desire to explore and understand each one of them. There are a lot. Nevertheless, spending too much time falling down an abyss of questions and fears will do more harm than good. So in my mourning, I’ve leaned heavily on hope, friendships, and creativity, allowing each one to pluck me out of the abyss, to comfort me when I need it, and give me space to cry when I need that, too.

I’ve spent hours doing what I call meditative crafting, making a cardboard altar of remembrance and affirmation. I walked to my nearest thrift store and craft store for supplies — a welcome excuse to go outside and thank the Universe for sunshine and the ability to experience it once again. Glueing, cutting and glittering each part of my altar was so healing for me. I didn’t want it to end.
On my thrift store excursion, I also found a T-shirt with a beautiful song lyric: “I get caught up in your heart strings.” It’s from the song Where the Sky Hangs from the band Passion Pit.


Image1 (2)


I wasn’t familiar with the song, so played it when I got home. It felt good to dance: The song is an upbeat, catchy, and feel-good ode to sweet love. I took it as a sign to never let love leave, to do my part to keep love a part of the human experience, as a path to healing, a path to joy and a beautiful path forward.


Image2 (1)



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David Leon Morgan is a Bronx-based creative storyteller and crafter. He loves to crochet, sing extremely loudly in the shower and help others share their story in creative ways. Learn more about him and his work at 

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