Music Festival Fashion Part 4 With @PlanetBrandee


@PlanetBrandee Part 4: Musical Festivals 101


Coachella. Burningman. Lightning in a Bottle.

Oh yeah. THIS is the END! It’s happening! The FESTIVALS are coming! Over the past few weeks we chatted on the top tips for festival season, and we’ve seen some fabulous video inspirations, and last week — LIVE from the MOJAVE desert — we shared how to dress for the COLOR you need in your life! So, grab your RayBans, that flower garland (when WILL they go away?!) and make a raver time beeline to the FINAL Part 4 of my 4-Part Travel Series on Music Festivals 101!


Part 4: Capture that MOMENT!

Question: “Are you “cell-fish?” ie: when something or someone meaningful is communicating with you, are you glued to your phone? Do you suffer from FOMO? Do you have an innate ability to not “see” what’s going on because you live in your egotistical selfie obsessive zone?

Answer: Well hey, you! Put that ISH’ DOWN son! This is 2016! Try to realllllly reconnect! Isn’t that why you bought the ticket in the first place?! Let’s raise our arms and our eyes to each other at these fantastic events!

LISTEN: Everyone wants to capture everything lately, and music festivals are NO exception! In fact, many attendees suffer from what we non cell-fish humans call the terrible FOMO! Here’s the deal on what this terrible FOMO is:


And in case you’re still confused about the reality of FOMO, here’s a little breakdown on that self-obsessed temperament that affects many a festival-goer obsessed with never just “enjoying” a moment:


So, ERMAGERD, don’t be “that guy”, (or girl!) and put down the phone! Dance! Celebrate being alive! Get OFF those dating APPS! Meet REAL people! Put down the camera and join the land of the LIVING! For some serious inspiration and a big final wrap up, I highly recommend these videos — they capture the vibes of Coachella, Burningman, Lightning in a Bottle and a thousand other opportunities you can go to this summer! Get inclusive! Reach out and connect! No trace (and ALL douchey selfies) left behind!

Make new friends and above all, have FUN! There truly is only ONE life, so why not spend it with those who share the same vibrant, colorful and joyous spirit as you? Get out there and make it happen!


SO, who’s going!? Wave your golden ticket Charlie, flap your fringe, and clap slap yo’ boho hands in the air and let’s hear it! So do you live for feathers and thrifted boho? Snap a pic and share it with me for a chance to be featured here next week when my new adventure begins! And stay tuned for my next #travel #adventure in May which has me going to a new destination, but shhhh, that’s STILL secret for now!

Till then, follow my #food, fun and travel treks on Twitter and Instagram @PlanetBrandee and see you on the road!


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