Music Festival Fashion PART 3 with @PlanetBrandee


@PlanetBrandee Part 3: Musical Festivals 101


Coachella. Burningman. Lightning in a Bottle.

Oh yeah. It’s happening! The FESTIVALS are coming! Over the past few weeks we chatted on the top tips for festival season, as well as seen some fabulous video inspirations, and this week, LIVE from the MOJAVE desert we’ll share how to dress for the COLOR you need in your life! So grab your coat of many colors, that old bottle of manic panic and made a rainbow scarf or to, and let’s GO prep in Part 3 of my 4-Part Series on Music Festivals 101!

Part 3: Living COLORFULLY!

Question: “Is eggshell a real color? Is beige where the heart lies? Is “PUTTY” a real thing?”

Answer: We’re in the desert at a music festival, put those safe neutrals down and let’s howl at the rainbow moon like the vibrant fashion creatures we are!

Listen: color isn’t ONLY for festivals! In a lot of ways, color is thrifted, fabulous magic you can inject into your mundane everyday existence and make it come alive! Like a song your body wears, colors can transform a wardrobe and your mindset. I learned this when I met Jessi Arrington, a talented and incredibly spirited person who I had the chance to befriend years go at an MFTA auction here in New York City. Just seeing her was a lesson in joy! Head-to-toe color and thrilling, infectious energy! Here’s us celebrating our mutual love for Bea Arthur and sequins!


Does it get any better? Yes it does, check her TED talk here on wearing nothing new:


And if you’re creative, (and if you’re reading this blog, let’s be honestttt, you ARE!), be sure to voyage into another of her TEDx appearances here:


So get into Goodwill and grab all the color you can! I would love to find a gorgeous striped orange ensem like she rocked in Orlando, but instead I found some pretty stellar color-infused items, including a tie-dyed shirt that was thrifted into a capelet and some rainbow leggings for day? What’s your favorite from the pics?!


SO who’s going! Wave your golden ticket Charlie, flap your fringe, and clap-slap yo’ boho hands in the air and let’s hear it! Do you live for feathers and thrifted boho?


Snap a pic and share it with me for a chance to be featured here next week when the series ends! And stay tuned for my next #travel #adventure in May which has me going to a new destination, but shhhh, that’s STILL secret for now!

Till then, follow my #food, fun and travel treks on Twitter and Instagram @PlanetBrandee and see you on the road!


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