Mondays with Mrs. T

Inspired to Inspired Others

I’ve seen many amazing DIY projects and realize how wonderful and important it is to bring life to your creativity to inspire others. I’m fortunate to have my son David and other family members who have helped spark that imagination in me and encouraged me to start my own DIY projects.

I’m still sometimes hesitant, but the more I’m around the creativity of others, the more I am moved and motivated by it. Another family member who has greatly inspired me is my wonderful niece, Nikko. Even when we’re out thrifting together, she’s always looking for that perfect item that she can add to one of her ongoing projects. I’m so impressed and inspired with her projects and her ability to create and re-create that I’m ready to take on a new endeavor of my own. She has several wonderful ideas for DIY projects and here is one she has just completed.


Nikko got the shadow box frame and spoons from the thrift. She spray painted the spoons in a shimmering gold color and added scrapbooking paper and chipboard letters as a background, creating a cute and punny final product.

If you are among those of us who are still hesitate to begin that special DIY project, don’t give up. Like David and Nikko, there are many who do what they do to inspire others. I encourage you to do what is helping me. Continue to be inspired by others: Choose a simple project at first, visit your nearest Goodwill for your materials, and watch your creativity begin to flow and grow!

Mrs. T


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Tina Morgan, “Mrs. T.”, an avid thrifter for over thirty years, shares her shopping experiences to create the best looks for less. She is a wife, mother of three amazing sons, grandmother, and caregiver who is retired but not tired!”


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