Lauren’s Goodwill Gems – Say Hello to Spring!

It’s Time to Get In a Spring State of Mind!

Spring is in the air … well, sort of. We’ve been teased by a few days of warmer temperatures and a hint of sunshine, and now it’s hard to think about anything else. Soon, it’s gonna be spring. SO SOON!

There’s nothing more wonderfully uplifting and smile-inducing than the first hints of spring after a long winter. By the time mid-March rolls around, we’re all way more than ready to say hello to a new season – and with it, a new, lighter wardrobe.

This week’s fabulous find is a sweet pair of bejeweled flats – they’re a super cute, mod way to bring in the new season! These trendy fabric slip-ons are light and easy to wear – just the right fit for warmer weather. And the big, bold, clear gems are a fun way to add a little sparkle and sass to an otherwise simple and casual shoe.



Looking for the right way to welcome the spring season? Look no further! These fantastic little flats are light, lovely, and walk a fun line between sporty and super feminine.


Being girly doesn’t have to mean heels. If you’re anything like me, you think high heels look awesome … on other people. Fabulously fashionable ladies walk the streets of NYC and other cities every day in crazy-high stilettos, strutting down the concrete sidewalk like it’s no big thing. But as much as I can appreciate how good a high heel looks on other ladies, I can’t always bring myself to wear them (hardly ever, if I’m really honest with you all here). So, a good pair of pretty flats is completely essential – especially in spring, when the weather is constantly changing!

So, what to pair with this polished-yet-casual pair of shoes? Honestly, another reason these are so great is because you can make them work just about any outfit this season. They’re cool and trendy, but not so wild that they won’t easily mesh with outfits you already own, like a pair of cropped jeans and classic white button up, or with a fun floral skirt and slouchy tee


Polished but fun, feminine yet comfy and cool? You can have everything you want in a new spring shoe if you pick up a pair like this week’s Goodwill gem. They’ll go with everything in your wardrobe (promise!).

Here, I’ve chosen to pair my posh new flats with an outfit that’s insanely easy to wear no matter the time of year – if it’s warm enough, this ¾-sleeve blouse and soft gray slim-cut trouser can be worn on their own, but you could easily pop a blazer on top for an extra layer of warmth. The glitzy gray flats found at my local Goodwill take this ensemble to the next level – their feminine detail and shiny flair give this otherwise simple spring outfit an added burst of character.

Check back in with me here on A Good Look every other Monday for more thrifty accessory finds, fun styling ideas and gorgeous Goodwill gems!

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