Part 4: LIVE! from Hollywood with @PlanetBrandee


@PlanetBrandee Part 4: LIVE from Hollywood – Los Angeles, CA! A 4-Part Travel SeriesHollywood – Los Angeles, CA! A 4 Part Travel Series

Palm trees, a beach breeze and the sun on your skin, no Toto we’re not in NYC anymore, in fact, I’m LIVE from Hollywood, Los Angeles, USA for the final Part FOUR of this fabulous and fun series! For you new readers, that means I’m on location in L.A. and traveling the Pacific Coast Highway to find the best fashion, food, and fun the Golden Coast has to offer! Let’s GO!

Over the past few weeks we’ve had shopping adventure with the Goodwill staff in sunny Beverly Hills, and even a fantastic trip down the Pacific Coast Highway and adventures in the hills, so and this week we’re headed down the Hollywood Walk of Fame! Part 4 – A Star Studded Walk through Tinsel Town!

As a professional actress and filmmaker of many years, (both in NYC and here in LA, a story that requires an ENTIRELY separate blog post, lol!), one of my favorite things to do when visiting is to stroll the Walk of Fame. So grab a Spanish Latte with me and let’s learn a little as we go! According to sources, “The Walk of Fame runs 1.3 miles east to west on Hollywood Boulevard from Gower Street to La Brea Avenue, plus a short segment of Marshfield Way that runs diagonally between Hollywood and La Brea; and 0.4 miles north to south on Vine Street between Yucca Street and Sunset Boulevard.”

So it’s a jaunt, but we’re game! Also, according to a 2003 report by the market research firm NPO Plog Research, the Walk attracts about “10 million visitors annually — more than Sunset Strip, TCL Chinese Theatre, the Queen Mary, AND the Los Angeles County Museum of Art — and has played an important role in making tourism the largest industry in Los Angeles County.” With over 2,570 stars, it’s easy to see why! Glorious and glittering, these monuments are coral-pink terrazzo five-point stars rimmed with brass (not bronze, an oft-repeated inaccuracy) inlaid into a charcoal-colored terrazzo background.


Knowing that the stars, filmmakers, and performers of yesteryear walked these same grounds is always a surreal moment — so many dedicated professionals all sharing the same vision of storytelling is a reminder that what we do and share can last more than just the span of our own lives.

But it’s not all glitter here in the city of lights, plenty of gritty street corner antics, flashy tourism and “Maps to the Stars Houses” types of trek still exist. We won’t be going on any of those day trips this round, but I’ll keep it on the cheeseball to-do list for my next journey out here!


The crew and I know it’s our last night shooting here so we pop into Santa Monica for a quick brunch and a chat about our respective careers in film, travel, hosting, journalism, and multimedia both here in LA and back in New York City.


Exploring and finding the open road always makes us reflective and as we capture the sunset flashing off the Strip, we’re reminded to be grateful, not only for the experiences, but our work and community which grows with every new trip we make. It’s hard to believe, but the day has escaped us already, and as the sun starts going down, I jet to the airport feeling like I can already hear the engines revving up for my departure over the gridded and glittering West Coast. It was an amazing trip, and even as my engines point East again home, I have no doubt I’ll be back again soon.

Did you dig the star studded #travel we took through Hollywood and the Pacific Coast Highway? Do you thrift in L.A.? Where are your hot spots! Snap a pic and share it with me for a chance to be featured! And stay tuned for my next #travel #adventure which has me going to a new destination, but shhhh, that’s a secret for now!

Till then, follow my food, fun, and travel treks on Twitter and Instagram @PlanetBrandee and see you on the streets!

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