All-Weather Adorable Looks

It’s time to think about transitioning. With the recent spout of unseasonably warm weather we’ve had on and off over the past week or so, it’s pretty impossible not to start thinking about spring. SPRING!

Even though we’ve had a comparatively mild winter, I’m way more than ready to start thinking about warmer temps, sunshine, and lighter layers. And that’s why I was so pleasantly surprised to stumble across gorgeous leather booties this weekend at an NYC-area Goodwill store!

These little boots are everything you need to move between your heavy, woolen winter wardrobe and lighter spring pieces with ease. The shorter, ankle-boot style means they’re easy to wear with both pants and skirts or dresses, so you can pair these pretty shoes with whatever kind of layers you’re in the mood to wear– or whatever feels seasonable appropriate at that particular moment in time, be it a big, bulky sweater or airy, flowery dress. The substantial leather material and short, practical heel make these the kind of boots you can walk all over town in, whether the sun is shining or the wind and rain are coming at you hard.

These gorgeous grayish-blue booties are the perfect shoes for in-between season weather and will carry you through the transition to spring in style!

But boots like these should be an essential piece in every girl’s fall/spring wardrobe. For those times of year when the weather is totally unpredictable and could change at any moment, these booties are absolutely perfect.

And what better way to wear these versatile ankle boots than with an equally versatile ensemble like the one I’ve got on here? These are items from my winter wardrobe, but since the sweater is a little lighter in weight and texture than some of my more heavy-duty options, it’s a sweater I can easily wear into the start of the spring season, when chilly winds and rain keep it from feeling too wonderfully warm and nice outside. Some soft gray pants will also protect me from an early spring chill, but looks lovely against the stone-colored booties and complement the vibrant purple of the top.

It’s a practical look that will keep me comfortable in the ever-changing weather at this time of year, but still look cute and polished when finished off with my pretty new booties!

Super versatile booties, like the ones spotted this week at a local Goodwill thrift shop, are a great way to help you stretch your seasonal wardrobes! Pair them with heavier winter pieces or lighter spring layers for a variety of looks to take you through all seasons.

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