@PlanetBrandee Part 3


@PlanetBrandee Part 3: LIVE from Hollywood – Los Angeles, CA! A 4 Part Travel Series

Palm trees, a beach breeze and the sun on your skin … no Toto we’re not in NYC anymore. In fact, I’m LIVE from Hollywood, Los Angeles, USA for Part THREE of this fabulous and fun series! For you, new readers, that means I’m on location in L.A. and traveling the Pacific Coast Highway to find the best fashion, food, and fun the Golden Coast has to offer! Let’s GO!

So, last week we had a fun shopping adventure with the Goodwill staff in sunny Beverly Hills, and this week, we’re headed down the scenic Pacific Highway and into the Canyons! But before we get our resting “The Hills” face on, let’s find out more about this beautiful location.

Hurray for Hollywood: Part 3 – Pacific Coast Highway Roadtrip!

brandee-photo-2_feb19The Pacific Coast Highway has long been on my bucket list and this past week I had a chance to scratch it off as I drove its incredible length! A bit of background on this amazing place: The Pacific Coast Highway, also known as State Route 1 (SR 1), is a major north-south state highway that runs along most of the Pacific coastline of the U.S. state of California. According to our bestie friend Wik, “Highway 1 has several portions designated as either Pacific Coast Highway (PCH), Cabrillo Highway, Shoreline Highway, or Coast Highway. Its southern terminus is at Interstate 5 (I-5) near Dana Point in Orange County and its northern terminus is at U.S. Highway 101 (US 101) near Leggett in Mendocino County.” It’s worth noting too that Highway 1 also at times runs concurrently with US 101, most notably through a 54-mile (87 km) stretch in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties, and across the Golden Gate Bridge — all amazing sites to see!


It’s easy to see why this location has inspired so many adventures! The highway is famous for running along some of the most beautiful coastlines in the USA, leading to its designation as an “All-American Road.” In addition to providing a scenic route to numerous attractions along the coast, the route also serves as a major thoroughfare in the Greater Los Angeles Area, the San Francisco Bay Area, and several other coastal urban areas.

Now that we’ve brushed up on our travel stats, let’s drop the convertible top and ride!

First up: Eats, naturally. You can’t go shopping on an empty stomach! So we settle down in a spot with full view of the water and surfers and watch the spectacular show that is Mother Nature. Waves crash down below us and we raise sparkling fresh ginger mocktails to celebrate the open road!

Next up is a selection of mind-blowing seafood — and this seafood straight from the coast really can’t be topped! Swordfish — yes! Fresh ahi — absolutely! Crème brûlée and a Lavazza espresso for the road? Don’t mind if I do! Listening to the ocean tides and sipping a buzzy beverage always gets the spirits high! A quick filming segment down on the beach and now we’re off!


The crew and I all opt to visit the divine canyons that loom above the highway, specifically for some thrifted vintage finds! Although Goodwill Beverly Hills had a lot to offer last week, our first stop at Hidden Treasures is a dive right into fabulous!


Time Out L.A. says “Once you get past the dinosaur and pirates guarding the entrance, youll be privy to what appears to be the contents of a kooky grandmothers attic—think: varsity jackets, military uniforms, 80s graphic tees, Nordic sweaters, antique sleepwear and Halloween costumes all year round.” Our personal search revealed Instagram-worthy kimonos, floor-length 1960s velvet frocks and blazing neon mini skirts. Bring your wallet and your creative unicorn soul, because the prices and the selection will have you here for hours!

Wait, wait a sec: Is it closing time? HOW! I can hardly believe the sun is going DOWN already?!

Our trunk is at max cap now with fun frocks and they’re kicking us out, LOL, but we’re still looking forward to next week’s final west coast Hollywood adventure!

Do you thrift in L.A.? Where are your hot spots! Snap a pic and share it with me for a chance to be featured in this 4-part travel series! And stay tuned for the final Part 4 of my @PlanetBrandee adventures, where I’ll be coming to you LIVE from HOLLYWOOD, Los Angeles! Brace for sun, surf, starlets and tons of thrifting on the Golden Coast!

Till then, follow my food, fun and travel treks on Twitter and Instagram @PlanetBrandee – till then, see you on the streets!


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