MRS. T’S CLOSET: Celebrating Black History Month

I am proud to be a part of the African-American culture. In honor of February, National Black History Month, I look forward to participating in the many celebrations that are planned in our area. African-American culture and history is rich and diverse, and often speaks through our food, music, dance, customs, hairstyles and clothing.

Thinking of the motherland, I included here two of my favorite casual, African-inspired outfits. I found them both while thrifting! I also found an amazing, handmade African carving. You can see it hanging on my wall in the pictures below.

side view cropped


Mrs. T frontal cropped

Thrifting is fun, however, here’s an important tip when encountering something that may have historical or cultural significance, like African clothing:

Be careful to appreciate the culture it comes from, and aim to respect the item’s true intent.

A lot of history is woven in African clothing. Many pieces, including the symbols and colors chosen for it, play a key part in the traditions and customs they originate from. When I find something with meaning that I love, I strive to better understand its value and history before wearing or decorating with it. Admittedly, I still have a lot to learn.

Unexpected treasures await you, so keep having fun while thrifting, but remember to appreciate the wealth of history you may discover too.


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