@PlanetBrandee Part 1: LIVE from Hollywood

Los Angeles, CA: 4-Part Travel Series

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Palm trees, a beach breeze, and the sun on my skin, no Toto, we’re not in New York City anymore. in fact, I’m LIVE from Hollywood, Los Angeles, USA! I’m here to find the best fashion, food and fun the Golden Coast can dish out for my new 4 part travel series. So let’s fling off our East Coast puffer coats and jump right in!

Last month I highlighted the brilliant work of TED/Google Talks featured and world renowned organizer Marie Kondo who encourages us to only keep those items which “Spark Joy!”

This month I’ll continue doing just that – by searching high and low for the colorful, bright and exciting pieces that only California can offer. All while bringing a little west is best punch to our thrifting closets. But first, here’s a little history on my new locale.

Hurray for Hollywood: Part I.

Did you know the name “Hollywood” was actually a phrase that was coined by H. J. Whitley, a successful land developer, who is also known as the original Father of Hollywood? In fact, Whitely bought 500 acres from E. C. Hurd, a local resident. The name itself was born via Daeida Wilcox, a friend of Hurd’s wife. She adopted the slang name “Hollywood” from her neighbor, Ivar Weid, who lived in the area then known as “Holly Canyon.” That land development eventually gave rise to what we now know as the modern Hollywood region. And you thought it was just a name!

So enough with facts, let’s fuel up and hit the star studded streets! I’ve wrapped up in a vintage floral kimono dress and a pair of Jeffrey Campbell wedge heels, so we’re rocking!

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 4.24.15 PM

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 5.03.42 PM

One of my favorite places to springboard into fun in L.A., is the ever popular Urth Cafe located in West Hollywood. More than once we’ve spotted a celeb or too ducking in for the super popular green tea lattes and killer omelets. Bring your shades, mine were vintage Ray Bans, and be prepared to be seen, most likely by TMZ or a few of the other paparazzi’s who tend to hang out Tele shooting lens in hand outside. Christian Bale AND Mariah Carey wuz here kids! I mean LOOK at my latte – divine!

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 4.35.29 PM

planetbrandeeYES! Touchdown in L.A. straight to @urth_cafe giving me #Cali green tea latte realness! Ps: check out the evolutionarily chain in my design! #coffeeart #coffee #coffeeaddict #foodie #travel #california #californiaadventure #hollywood #westcoast #adventure #dogoodfeelgood #planetbrandee #love #friends #fun #iphoneonly #explore #manmakecoffee

Now that we’ve loaded up on caffeine, we’re itching for a go at Thrifting. Today we’re going to make the list we plan to visit over the next 4 weeks our top hot spots:

Goodwill Beverly Hills: we’ve heard good and bad, but we’re about to be the judge of this up and coming thrift and donation heavy location in the heart of Beverly Hills.

Hidden Treasures: Located in beautiful Toping Canyon, I’m super stoked to visit this vintage thrifting gem and find myself and Iris worthy garment.

Flea Market Finds: Nothing is quite a thrilling as the flea market hunt, so join me as we whip through LA and surrounding areas to visit the best of the best.

And finally: The incredibly scenic Pacific Coast Highway. I’ll be going full circle down the PCH and landing back in WEHO to round off this spectacular adventure! So be sure to keep your eyes peeled West Coasters, @PlanetBrandee is on the move.

Do you thrift in L.A.? Where are your hot spots! Snap a pic and share it with me for a chance to be featured in this 4 part travel series. And stay tuned for February’s @PlanetBrandee adventures, where I’ll be coming to you LIVE from HOLLYWOOD, Los Angeles! Brace for sun, surf, starlets and tons of thrifting on the Golden Coast!

Till then, follow my food, fun and travel treks on Twitter and Instagram @PlanetBrandee – till then, see you on the streets!

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