What’s Mrs. T’s Process Of Elimination?

I remember becoming overwhelmed, anxious and abruptly rushing to my favorite thrift store without checking my closet first when I needed an outfit for a particular event. It could be a business, formal, casual, or something as simple as exercise attire.

Finally, those days are over. Thrifting should be a joy never a chore.

Here’s the process I’m using this year to eliminate or purge what I no longer need in my closet.

  1. I check my yearly planner to come up with the type of clothing I will need this year, included festive formal events, business meetings, upcoming workshops and classes. Events with my family as well as church and social activities. And of course, vacation, other trips, and my daily exercise routine.
  2. I surveyed my closet and inspect the clothing I received as gifts. I ask myself:

Is this a good look for me? Did I wear this at all last year? Do I really need it? Does this really fit? Is it the right color or style for me? Do I have too much of one item? Does it compliment my wardrobe?

If the answer was NO, it has to GO!

  1. I try on clothing, making sure my clothes meet this year’s plan. This helps me discover that fabrics mixed with spandex and polyester works best for me. So I purged all wool and even some 100% cotton clothing.

I purged thirty pieces of clothing and I’m looking forward to donating them to Goodwill. This was a rewarding and successful process of elimination!

I enjoy learning from my thrifting experiences and sharing them with you.  I hope yours will always be full of “joy not a chore”. As we enter February, we’re reminded that this is Black History month. Stayed tuned! In two weeks, I’ll show you my favorite African-inspired clothing, which I’ve found in my Thrifting adventures.

From my heart to yours, Ms. T.

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