Mrs. T’s Closet: Are you purging your closet this month?

Happy New Year from Mrs. T!

From New York to Hawaii, and now Fort Hood, Texas, everywhere we go, I always search for the best places to go thrifting. I often carry an extra backpack or small suitcase just to carry my thrifting finds.  Thanks to Apple’s Siri, we found a Goodwill store while visiting my family in Texas. But January is the month when I purge my closet and I purchase only what I need.

It was hard, but I had to remember the main reason for going to Texas, besides visiting with my son and his wife, my daughter-in-law also believes in Thrifting. I welcomed the opportunity to help her “clean-up” her home and to donate what she no longer needs to Goodwill. So here I am, all the way in Texas and helping my daughter-in-law with purging. As the New Year begins, it feels great to begin the process!

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 12.09.03 PM

I’ve had a wonderful time with my family, but soon I’ll have to return home to my closet to continue my own purging process. Every year, I keep only the clothes I need to simplify and organized my life. It took a while, but once I developed a method, the process of purging got easier.

Hopefully, you are also considering purging your closet this month and throughout the year. Purging your closet will help you create your best look for less. I look forward to sharing the method I’m currently using to purge my closet in the New Year. Happy 2016 Thrifting! I hope this year you find those hidden treasures that are waiting just for you.

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