@PlanetBrandee Get it together! A 3-Part Series for National Get Organized Month

@PlanetBrandee Get it together! A 3-Part Series for National Get Organized Month

Part 1: LIVE from the overstuffed closets of New York City!

Ok, so the Christmas ornaments are back on the shelf and the New Year’s Eve decorations are hopefully put away. Now there’s only the gloomy precept of nothing worth getting excited about until Valentine’s Day, which is a whole nother’ blog we’ll tackle.

SO what are you doing? Have new resolutions? Scheduling a juice cleanse? Planning yoga 24/7? Here’s an idea you might actually stick to: As is your home, so is your mind.This January, let’s drag out those boxes of “misc junk”, old high school jeans and things we don’t use for a master feng-shui-style purge for National Getting Organized Month.

Step #1: Take stock of what you’ve got + get clean!
Take some great pointers from Better Homes & Garden, INC, Twitter and Ms. Jacobs with these simple 5 intro steps for part one of our get it done series.

  1. Clean, organize and purge your desk. Update your files and replace all torn files. Buy new files, in different colors, and organize them by color: green for financial papers, purple for clients and so on. Be sure to label all the files, and then organize them alphabetically within each color scheme. And never, ever put the word “Misc” on any file–once you file it, you’ll forget what you put in it. If you can say out loud what the file is, you have your label. WE LOVE this idea! How many times have you circled back to an old file only to wrinkle your nose and go: “What is THIS?” Taking some time to also clear out the craft drawer that almost everyone has helps as well! Take those trinkets, doodads and misc piece of jetsam to GW for a donation, never hurts purging the old stuff.
  2. Get your ho-ho-ho on retro and be like “Santa every” day of the week. Make a list and check it twice. There’s nothing more satisfying than checking things off your “to do” list! Make a list every night of all the things you need to accomplish the next day. Do this every night, including the weekends, so you get in the habit of relying on your to-do list to help you get things done. While we’re BIG fans of lists, also be sure it’s one you use! Someone reading this definitely has “that” friend who has a million post its and nothing done, so clean house and clean mind it.
  3. Use only one calendar. Choose the one that works best for you: one on your computer, a handheld one like a PDA, or a paper one on your desk. Then get rid of all your other calendars and use just the one to record and keep track of everything. Super cool idea AND since we’re big fans of tech and accessibility, we’d recommend going mobile! Nothing is more annoying then adding a note and then not having it in your phone when you need it!
  4. Use www.Trello.com to create a vision board and/or make a list of your goals. Write down at least 10 goals you want to accomplish in your lifetime. Be specific. We always encourage readers to get up, get done, lean in and own their goals! Trello was a huge boon for us over the holidays, so consider using this mobile friendly and super inspirational tech tool as well as pen and paper!
  5. Keep these inspirations in hand or bedside, every night and morning, whether over coffee or chamomile take a few moments to reflect on what you’ve cleared on your plate and what’s lined up for the next day! Don’t glorify the act of being busy! Work smarter not harder!

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 3.46.44 PMCan you get yourself organized like a dream? Are you a natural task master? Then send us your pictures and share comments below until next time, see you on the streets for PART 2 of this Get Organized Special Series!
Till then, follow my food, fun, travel and lifestyle treks online at Twitter and Instagram @PlanetBrandee – till then, see you on the streets!


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