Mrs. T’s Closet: DIY Holiday Favorites from Mrs. T’s Home to Yours

Mrs. T’s Closet: DIY Holiday Favorites from Mrs. T’s Home to Yours

Family, friends, decorating – Oh what fun it’s been!  I usually leave some of my holiday decorations up until the end of January.  Here are some of my favorite 2015 thrift finds and DIY projects.

  1. My front door wreath – is simple and required nothing complicated or costly to create.  It all began with finding the swirled wrought iron round base and artificial green garland shown above. I added my favorite colors and accessories to create this holiday wreath.
  2. My dining table – I was so excited to find these wooden chargers and glass bowl.  I added my blue and silver bulbs to the bowl and created this look for my table.
  3. My wall candle holder – I was able to use some of the green thrift garland I found and the remaining blue and silver accessories to create this special touch to my candle holder.

These are just 3 examples of my 2015 holiday thrift finds that bring expressions of peace, love and joy to my home and to the hearts of my family and friends.

As we begin another year I look forward to joining many of you as we organize our dreams and formulate our goals. For me that includes, “purging”.  Join me next time as I decide which clothes I should give up or keep for 2016.

Happy New Year from Mrs. T!


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