LAUREN’S GOODWILL GEMS: Untraditional Holiday Glam

Untraditional Holiday Glam

Usually, holiday style is all about looking glitzy and glamorous. Especially New Year’s Eve – even if you never go near a sequin or a rhinestone during the rest of the year, New Year’s is the time to bring out every ounce of sparkle you’ve got and get truly decked out.

But, for those of us who aren’t generally feeling the super-fem, super-fem, glitter-covered everything that NYE fashion tends to entail, it’s hard to feel like that best, most gorgeous version of ourselves. If you’re anything like me, you tend to feel a little out of place during NYE – either you’ve covered yourself in itchy uncomfortable sequins anyway just ‘cause you think you should, or you’ve left them out altogether and don’t feel as fabulous or fun as the rest of your friend group. Which is why I was so happily surprised to come across this week’s amazing thrifty find at my local Goodwill shop. This cute little purse is the perfect size to take to a party – just large enough to hold a little cash, cards, your phone, lip gloss, etc – and it doesn’t have a drop of glitter or gems on it anywhere. But the bold, funky print and eye-catching combo of neutrals (a rich, cognac shade of brown and black) means that this statement-making clutch is still a perfect, non-glitzy accessory for a modern NYE out on the town.


Put on twist on traditional holiday fashion by ditching the glitter this New Year’s Eve and instead going for accessories with bold prints in eye-catching color combos.


You can never go wrong with black. It’s just a fashion truth – trends may come and go, but a sleek all-black ensemble will never fail you. And especially when you’re getting a little fancy, black is the perfect thing to turn to when you want to look and feel great, without a ton of (obvious) effort. Here, I’ve paired my awesome new purse with a pretty, form-fitting, off-the-shoulder black dress that’s ideal for a big night out. It hugs curves in all the right ways, but it is also stretchy and comfortable enough to really dance around in. Bonus: you can put on absolutely any shade or style of jewelry you like with a dress like this and always look smashing! With a pair of chic, classic black or metallic heels, you’ve got a night-out look that you can actually wear over and over again, long after the ball drops.


For this New Year’s Eve, forget the wear-once, crazy sequin-covered dress and instead go for a gorgeous LBD that you can turn to whenever you want to look great, for many years (and fabulous parties) to come.



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