@PlanetBrandee 2015 Retrospective

@PlanetBrandee 2015 Retrospective

A Year of Travel, Food and Thrifting Adventure!

As with all good things, even 2015 must come to an end. So I’ll be taking this last blog of the year to look back with a @PlanetBrandee retrospective

2015 started off with a bang as I traveled across the country to a fabulous Las Vegas adventure! Seeing the photos again reminds me I need to get back to the West Coast for another walk in the desert with friends and family. Check out the captures for some fun, vintage and west is best inspired fashion.

Then it was back to the Catskills Mountains for some horseback riding and R&R among the trails and Bed and Breakfasts this scenic region has to offer. Check out these great photos, and keep an eye out for the fab Goodwill finds we found out there, including our beloved copper pot set we rehabbed and those glorious Fenton vases I featured.


The launch of my on point 6 Part Special Millennial Series came after. I met with and interviewed people from across the country on what being a millennial means to them and how reusing, recycling and changing the way we view consumption and style shapes this nation’s future. With so many talented artists and educators that took part, there was a plethora of knowledge to share and grow from. Be sure to check out the photos highlights below. From drag queens in Los Angeles, to designers in New Orleans French Quarter, to movers and shakers right here in NYC, it ran the gamut. We learned a lot about what perspective is shaping the future of these game changers.

Then it was jet setting off to the sunny skies of Florida where I was not only celebrating a wedding engagement, but visiting the trendy stores and designers living in this beach soaked location. From Part 1 where I gathered the best of the best in Miami vintage Part 2 and 3 where I cruised through Daytona on the back of a Harley in search of the best seafood and summer wedge heels, good times were never far from being had!

We even stayed alive with 1970’s inspired disco fashion, ran through Long Island for a thrifting trek and a NEW Goodwill store opening at East North Port, bopped back into Brooklyn, kicked back a Rainbow Party in Queens, cruised through yet another NY Fashion Week and finally came back for the year end here under the glittering lights of Rockefeller Center!

It’s been such a beautiful year filled with friends, family, travel, great food and some pretty swank thrifting scores. So going into 2016, here’s wishing you and yours a spectacular holiday season and a thrilling New Year! See you in 2016 and until then follow my food, fun and travel treks on Twitter and Instagram  @PlanetBrandee and see you on the streets!


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