@PlanetBrandee STAY Golden Part II

@PlanetBrandee STAY Golden Part II

A 2 Part Holiday Thrifting Series LIVE from the streets of New York City!

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 11.35.44 AM.png

Welcome to Part 2 of this deliciously gilded holiday special on staying golden. We want to get our vintage and up-cycle love on this holiday season. So let’s take a look at the best ways to work this perfect trend into your wardrobe and off of our racks.

Sequins and Gems for DAYS

First off, it’s imperative that you understand the love of gem sweaters so many have here in NYC. If you can’t, I encourage you to watch Leslie and the Lys right NOW. In fact, here’s the link to the stellar video that launched a nation of thrifters into a gem sweater tizzy back in the day. PLUS, nothing says “I’m winning your lame ugly sweater competition” like a GIANT GEM SWEATER! Keep in mind, if you’re travelling through Harlem and past the 72nd Street Goodwill stores, we found TONS of amazing gemmed and bedazzled items there. All for under $14.99. Oh yeah. That happened! Now we just need to wear them to the Gem Sweater Museum. Oh, there’s no such thing? Let me show you the magic right here:

Falalalalaaaa la SPARKLES!

Remember when I traveled to Las Vegas and found myself knee deep in show girl inspired feathery glitter goodness? (Recap here) well if not, here’s a show stopping photo that gets you revved up in modern shiny gold style! From flowy silk tulle (a little pricey) to low brow 80’s recycled prom pieces, you can score some fun items to deconstruct and make your own. I started with this inspiration below and made an epaulet from an old shoulder piece we found on a less than fashion forward piece in the (shocking!) Men’s section this past weekend. Make this gold trend your holiday goal, add some Urban Decay to the eyelids, or a little glittery body powder and embrace the trophy appeal of looking fabulous under the subway lights!

Look at those gem sweaters! Are you a Junior Gem lover? Send us your pics and share comments below until next time, see you on the streets for the last blog of 2015 – can you BELIEVE IT?! Till then, follow my food, fun and travel treks on Twitter and Instagram  @PlanetBrandee and see you on the streets!


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