4 tips to find the best Thanksgiving outfit

4 tips to find the best Thanksgiving outfit

So here comes that special day when whole families gather to give thanks for all we received and achieved in the past year. Thanksgiving officially launches the End-of-the-year Holiday celebrations – no matter your beliefs, nationality, country of origin, or age. Even if you are not a blood relative, friends who have no place to mark this event, are invited to join in the fun.

Moms all over the country will be stressing out about them meal they’ll prepare, the number of guests, and trying not to forget anything to make sure the whole family enjoys.

But here are some things to consider when looking for the perfect outfit for Thanksgiving.

  1. The weather – Make sure to check the weather forecast in advance and keep checking as the day approaches. As you’ve probably noticed in the last decade, temperature and weather changes are more common than ever. And forecasts change in hours! So be prepared for all: Warmer temperatures or frigid ones.
  1. Will you host or be a guest? – If you’ll attend a party and will not have to slave in the kitchen, you are in luck! Your goal is to look fabulous. But wait! You can’t spend too much because you need to buy presents for your many friends and family? No worries! Goodwill has your back. You can get a stylish attire for $50 or less. You just need to be creative and picture the style you want to sport this Thanksgiving. Then head to your nearest Goodwill store and get ready to enter a world of opportunities! Tons of inexpensive clothing to choose from! If you’ll be the hostess/host and need to serve the meal and make sure your guests are happy, make sure to choose a comfortable outfit. Make sure it’s light. You don’t want to wear cashmere nor heavy wool in the kitchen! Wear light seasonable fabrics, like year-round wool and other knits.
  1. Layer – Whether you’ll be at home or will travel to a party, make sure you wear layers so you can add or take off as the night progresses and the temperature changes. The most important thing is to feel comfortable in order to enjoy the meal and conversations with guests.
  1. Match the rest of your party – Are you attending by yourself? Then your only concern is to make sure you ask your hostess or friends how casual or dressy they’ll go. If you are coming with your significant other or are married and have kids, make sure you all match. You don’t want to look like Anna Wintour, out of a Vogue cover, while your boyfriend/spouse looks like a lumberjack or vice versa. Same goes for the kids! Match, match!

What tips you think might be helpful for your fellow A Good Look readers or want to share any horror stories about the outfit that made your life miserable on Thanksgiving?


One thought on “4 tips to find the best Thanksgiving outfit

  1. The best way for a guest to look your best is to be your best. Offer to help serve, clear the table or wash dishes. Thoughtful is the most attractive of all.


    Customer & Donor Services Director
    Goodwill Industries of Greater New York & Northern New Jersey
    4-21 27th Avenue
    Astoria, NY 11102
    Email – mgotwals@goodwillnynj.org


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