Free Uber pick-ups of used electronics tomorrow 11/14 Saturday, 11/14

Free Uber pick-ups of used electronics tomorrow 11/14 Saturday, 11/14

techtakebackJust a reminder that tomorrow, Saturday, November 14, Uber will offer you free pick-ups of your unwanted computers and other electronic equipment from the comfort of your home or place of employment.

Do your friends a favor: Forward them this email, or share our Facebook post or tweets to alert them of this one-of-a-kind opportunity to responsibly recycle your electronics.

Tomorrow, in honor of America Recycles Day (November 15) Uber is teaming up with Dell and Goodwill® NYNJ, to help you get rid of and recycle that used technology you no longer use—and keep them out of landfills.

By simply tapping the RECONNECT option in your Uber app, you’ll be able to recycle your used electronics responsibly and donate to Goodwill NYNJ via the Dell Reconnect program.

Enter the code TECHTAKEBACK and request RECONNECT on November 14 to donate and recycle your used technology to Goodwill NYNJ

Anyone who recycles on November 14 will also have the chance to meet Dell’s Social Good Advocate, Adrian Grenier, who will be riding with Uber making pickups, and thanking New Yorkers for recycling.
How It Works:

  1. OPEN your Uber app
  2. TAP the profile icon and select ‘Promotions’
  3. ENTER code TECHTAKEBACK to unlock the ‘RECONNECT’ view
  4. REQUEST ‘RECONNECT’ between 10am – 4pm on Saturday, November 14, for an Uber driver-partner (or Adrian Grenier!) to arrive, pick up your donations, and bring them to a local Goodwill NYNJ location.

The Details:

NYC Tech Takeback Day is on Saturday, November 14. Donating will be available via the Uber app between 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. in Manhattan and areas of Brooklyn and Queens.

Donating your technology is totally FREE.

All vehicles on the road making pickups for NYC Tech Takeback Day will be energy efficient hybrids.

Click here for Goodwill NYNJ’s list of approved items that may be donated.

Donations made as part of NYC Tech Takeback Day are tax deductible. All proceeds go directly to Goodwill NYNJ, so your donations will not only keep used electronics out of landfills, but every donation helps someone in your community with disabilities or disadvantages receive work and life skills.

Some items may require extra preparation before customers donate, as Dell and Goodwill are not responsible for data left on any donated equipment. Please remember to remove personal data from hard drives or other storage media before having them picked up by Uber.


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