An Officer and a Gentleman…

An Officer and a Gentleman…

… Is always ship shape wherever he may land. Our featured veteran and Good Look Guy for this month is Jonathan Cruz. Jonathan is a former Marine who gravitated to the hospitality industry through Goodwill’s Operation Good Jobs since his conduct and comportment were both becoming to the military and mainland.

Jonathan’s spit and polish are evident in his knack for assembling crisp, casual complements which are always stylish and sensible options.  The Marriot East Side Hotel lauds Jonathan’s superlative social skills that have made him a Guest Services star and beloved night shift colleague. By day, this New York native actively pursues his true love – auditioning for acting and singing parts. And as evident with such great genes filling the perfect pair of jeans, we may expect to see even more of him on the silver screen.

For now, this gifted thespian is thrilled with his full-time roles as a doting father to his family in the Dominican Republic, a trusted employee, and a recognized Indie actor. Give a hand to this protagonist who is as gracious to guests as he is engaging to audiences. Whatever the call, Jonathan has chosen versatile performers that suit every part he may play.

Black and blue and way below budget yet a cut above, Jonathan demonstrates yet another talent, finding the very best we have to offer at half price! Every dude loves duds that do active duty for the fewest possible dollars as we know that some men will even (gasp!) hardly ever shop!

Black semi turtle neck sweater – Louie (Italian brand): $4.99
Light blue long sleeve button down – Stafford: $4.99
Blue Jeans – Lee Dungarees: $7.49
Black dress pants – DKNY: $ 7.99
For both of the outfits the total is $25.46

Goodwill’s Operation: GoodJobs provides a holistic integration of career services with family and financial strengthening services. The program serves U.S. veterans (including National Guard and reserves) and their families.

For more information about Operations: GoodJobs or if your company would like to partner with Goodwill, please contact


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