@PlanetBrandee Plaid for YOUR LIFE!

@PlanetBrandee Plaid for YOUR LIFE!

Yes, it says Plaid for YOUR LIFE! So that probably means we’re diving into patterned drama and serving up Sherlock Holmes Scotland Detective realness. But plaid has a history, here as noted via Bustle: “Though many of us may want to impose a plaid embargo on our most hipster-adjacent friends, tartan was actually literally forbidden in Britain during the 18th century. The fabric’s rebel uniform association with the Scottish Rebellion of 1745 against the union of Scotland and England, making tartan prohibited in the country for nearly half a century under the Dress Act. The print didn’t really resurface again until 1782, when plaid became legal, and it became in vogue to wear plaid gowns to formal occasions.

Wait, so this isn’t just for mason-jar, kombucha-drinking hipsters? YES! Grab your shopping bags. Let’s get “renegade” in plaid with our three fav sections of Goodwill: house wares AND Clothes/Shoes.


Plaid is one of those kitchsy houseware patterns (plastic geese anyone?!) that can be simultarously super cute AND super blech. So be mindful when you curate. Classic thermoses on EBay are going for big change dollar these days. So mix it up with a Goodwill sourced plastic house ware or the unbreakable melamine from the 70’s. And plaid throw blankets? Hello: timeless!


I am just going to leave you with this little #fashion mantra: Plaid NEVER dies! Seriously, it’s in capelets, ponchos, galoshes, you name it. And I’ve trekked everywhere in NYC and across the country, and this recessionista was never surprised to see whether it’s SOHO or South Boise, plaid lives on. Score a sweet blazer in the menswear department and tailor it to nip the waist. Excellent!

So in closing: What’s your #plaiddream? Is it a tablecloth under your holiday party ware? Maybe a swinging 60’s cocktail dress? Send us your pics and share comments below until next time, see you on the streets!

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