@PlanetBrandee – Boots. Cowls. Pumpkin Spice evveerrrrything!

@PlanetBrandee – Boots. Cowls. Pumpkin Spice evveerrrrything!

Listen: Boots. Cowls. Pumpkin Spice errrrything! Do you know what time it is my wide brimmed wearing fashionistas? It’s OCTOBER! So collars up and trenches OUT! Fall is back on the streets of NYC and I’m back in the saddle to bring you the Fall 2015 Trend Report!

From crushed velvet overalls to The Joker inspired leggings, Fall 2015 is serving up a fuzzy, plush mix of fashion influences. So how does one wear moto tough leather jackets with a vintage turban? Or find the perfect head to toe denim Canadian tuxedo? By rooting through your local Goodwill’s racks and belting on some items I’m fairly certain are already in that full closet of yours!

The easiest way to dip into chilly temps is with a bit of fluff! Whether it’s faux or fo’ real, you’ll find some great staples at Goodwill. I found a vintage jacket and deconstructed the fur collar, which lent itself perfectly to be layered over a charming cash sweater. Also, if the collar on your jacket is not destined to be a full wrap, it’s easy to save a corner, glue it on a keychain and use a handbag charm, which if you have your eyes peeled is ALL OVER the city! If you’re super handy, check out this awesome Thanks, I made It! DIY tutorial on making one yourself!

If you don’t fancy the fuzz, stay neutral in some up cycled overalls paired with a chunky wedge for appropriate funk vs fall appeal. And if none of this sounds like fun yet, aim for that classic Catskills with a long swing coat and high waisted tweed pants alongside a laid back creamy corded sweater, all of which layers perfectly for ups and downs of Manhattan’s moody weather lately.

So grab your cowls, bundle up in your best Hans Solo boots and follow my food, fun and travel treks on Twitter and Instagram @PlanetBrandee – till then, see you on the streets!


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