Why I’ve been MIA from Thrifting

Why I’ve been MIA from Thrifting

I’m about to make a confession: I haven’t thrifted in about four months! That is, oh so rare to me. Even most recently, with the Columbus Day holiday and tons of thrift store having sales, I didn’t get around to it. Is it thrift fatigue, have I maxed out on vintage or is something deeper or darker? What could it be that has curved my love of thrift? I thought long and hard and here are a few reasons.

My Wardrobe is Maxed Out

I looked around my closet the other day and can honestly tell you that I will always have something to wear. Like for any and every occasion – I’m covered! Thrifting has allowed me to collect gowns for that Oscar Party of my dreams or outfits for great special occasions. I’ve got scene stealers that lead to epic visions as well as just cute tops for brunch with friends. If someone tells me they don’t have anything to wear, I go into my vault of clothing and throw them a few options. “Here’s a solution,” I’ll say.

Waiting on the Big Thrill

That’s it, I’m waiting on the next big thrill thrift. The big thrill is the thrifted item that is so amazing you have to tell everyone as soon as you get it. It’s the sequin trench coat, the mythical Chanel jacket you found in a bin for $5, the cashmere cape or the velvet gown from a mysterious French dressmaker. I’ve thrifted so much and in so many places that I am starting to buy some of the same things. I forget I already own it or amazed that there is more than one of something. In the words of BB King, “maybe the thrill is gone?”

Timing is Everything

Me and my credit cards hibernate in the warmer months. Summer and spring clothes get equal attention, but living in NY makes me not the hugest fan of shopping when it’s hot and humid. I love coats and sweaters and jackets, I’m a fall baby. I forget about shopping on June and July.

Inventory Low

No one really likes to clean out their closet during the summer. I know I don’t want to, so usually inventory is blah. Maybe a scattering of things, but the big ticket items, the humdingers like coats etc. those usually come out in the fall. And then they just keep coming until around Memorial Day.

There you have it, my analysis of why I’ve been MIA from my local Goodwill.

I do know that this weekend maybe will be the day to get some thrifting done. It’s after a holiday so stores should be less crowded, many have stored their clothing and done closet purges, and the air is super crisp. It’s the perfect storm and the perfect time to start thrifting.


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