What’s good about Mercury retrograde?

What’s good about Mercury retrograde?

unnamedDid you know that for the past three weeks that will end next Tuesday, October 7, Mercury has been retrograde? Have you noticed lots of misunderstandings with co-workers, family members and friends? Have you lost and then found keys and all kinds of things? When Mercury is retrograde, there’s usually much confusion. People forget little things. Delays and frustrations abound.

It’s said that because Mercury rules communication, clear thinking, truth and travel, all these things go backwards. They start to get ugly and tangle up. When Mercury goes retrograde, it means that it looks like the planet is going backwards in the sky.

Larry Schwimmer wrote for the Huffington Post Top 10 things not to do during Mercury retrograde.

But let me tell you that this is the perfect weekend to de-clutter your closet. Aside from being wet, rainy and windy, Mercury is retrograde! Some people who cleaned up their messy closets during Mercury retrograde say they found that family heirloom they thought was lost forever.  Or they found that favorite pair of jeans that fit perfectly and they thought their roommate from hell had stolen.

And if you live in Brooklyn, Queens and The Bronx, you can responsibly re-purpose or recycle your unwanted clothing at your door! Literally.

The New York City Department of Sanitation will conduct a one-time pilot curbside collection program from Monday, September 28 through Saturday, October 31, 2015. Goodwill NYNJ will re-purpose and recycle all collected goods.

“Each year NYC residents throw away over 200,000 tons of clothing and textiles in to our landfills,” said Sanitation Commissioner Kathryn Garcia. “Textiles make up about six percent of our waste.”

The Pilot Program will occur in one district in each of the four outer boroughs, chosen because they were the furthest from drop-off locations. Columbus Day week will be skipped. More than 210,000 households will be able to participate.

  • Week beginning 9/28: Staten Island – Community Board 3

    (Includes Arden Heights, Tottenville, Huguenot, New Dorp)

  • Week beginning 10/5: The Bronx – Community Board 8

    (Includes Riverdale, Fieldston)

  • Week beginning 10/19: Queens – Community Board 11

    (Includes Bayside, Auburndale, Oakland Gardens, Douglaston, Little Neck)

  • Week beginning 10/26: Brooklyn – Community Board 11

    (Includes Bath Beach, Bensonhurst, Gravesend, Mapleton)

How to Participate:

  1. If you live in the designated pilot program neighborhoods, you will receive a specially marked pink-colored bag in the mail. You may pick up additional bags at your Community Board or use a clear bag with labels available at on.nyc.gov/textile-collection-pilot
  2. You should fill the pink bags with clean, unwanted textiles. Next, securely tie the bags and place them at the curb after 4 p.m. the night before recycling collection day, during your designated collection week. DSNY will make only one pick-up, from each residence during their specified collection week.
  3. DSNY will accept clean, unwanted clothing, shoes, handbags, belts, towels, linens, and curtains. Ripped or torn items will also be accepted and recycled. Please do not include books, rugs, suitcases, lamps, or toys.

DSNY will bring ALL collected clothing and textiles to Goodwill NYNJ. Your donations will help support our mission of empowering individuals with disabilities and other barriers to employment to gain independence through the power of work.


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