GUEST BLOGGER SHAUNYA: 3 Things You Need to Wear Pre-Fall

3 Things You Need to Wear Pre-Fall

This time of the year can really create havoc when you are getting dressed. Mercury is in retrograde in your wardrobe. On one hand, our mornings are crisp and cool, midday is warm and evenings can get downright chilly. So, how do you dress for that? Making sure that you don’t overheat during the day or freeze in the evening is tricky, very tricky.  There is a solution. Actually, there are three solutions to add to your wardrobe that will make you look chic. They are both great for cozy or chilly temperatures.

A Cascade Cardigan

cascadesweaterThe cascade cardigan, also known as the open cardigan, provides just the right layer to the body. It covers the parts of your body that can get cold this time of the year. These cardigans are usually longer in the back and have no closure, allowing your body to still regulate temperature and not get to warm if you close it.

The Cotton button down Shirt

buttondownsCotton is an amazing fabric that allows your body to breathe, unlike synthetics, which usually only retain heat. A crisp cotton button down gives you a classic look without looking frumpy.

The Infinity scarf

An infinity scarf is just the right accessory to stay warm and look cool. Slightly heavier than a silk scarf and much lighter than the ones worn in the winter. People get cold in weird ways but covering your neck really keeps your core temperature at a decent level.  An infinity scarf wraps around your neck and stays in a position that won’t let you lose it.

There you go folks! I think you are covered. So head out and get these three pieces and stay cool and chic this fall.

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