@PlanetBrandee LIVE from Long Island!

@PlanetBrandee LIVE from Long Island!

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 8.12.00 PMYes, it says live from Long Island! Sure, it’s not a far flung or exotic locale, but it is in fact, where this lucky shopper and many others happened to be at the Grand Re-opening of the latest Goodwill store! Located at 1900 Jericho Turnpike in East Northport, the new store was bright and airy, and dangerously filled with SO much thrifting swag I had to take a car home. It was THAT serious! PlanetBrandee was on the scene, helping local talent get their thrift fix on. This lucky shopper below had scored a perfect Ann Taylor tunic dress in shifty poplin for only $19.99, an absolute steal that had me lining my own bags with a similar Loft dress in cozy schlub knit earl grey tones.


Maybe I’m getting old, (what like you’re timeless lol?!), but I am really into stoneware and copper lately. And perched on the second shelf at eye level was a breathtaking handmade, (and signed!), earthenware vase. That and some fabulous pre-decorated votives lined with gold lace are now the latest members of my DIY wedding ensem! (And yes, I *promise* more on that later!).


I am just going to leave you with this: there is literally NO where else I have ever found mint condition Cole Haan leather loafers in spotless wear for only $30.00. Nowhere I tell you! And I’ve trekked everywhere in NYC and across the country, and this recessionista was beyond the moon at the shoe department here! Not only did I get a chance to help pick the best kicks for our lucky customers, (do you SEE these heels ladies! Orig $500 going for $30 WHAT!), but I also scored loafers AND these incredible gold tone pineapple slip on flips! Absolutely gorgeous and ideal for these lazy, long last days of summer!

So in closing: what a FAB store re-opening and what a brill shopping spree! From my windowsill to the wall and even down to my shoe rack, each room now has a gorgeous addition thanks to the killer shelves and curation of the Goodwill team at Northport. Needless to say, I’m already excited for the Union Square opening coming up in September! Right in the heart of the city AND great shopping? Please. Sign me UP and hope to see you at the racks!

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