@PlanetBrandee – Staying Alive 70’s Style!

Welcome to the 70’s Flashback!

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 4.04.11 PMBrush off your obnoxiously bright late summer polyester, grab your chunkiest Jeffrey Campbell and pile on the Farrah Fawcett waves, we’re going retro with this Friday’s Welcome to the 70’s Flashback!

From full cat bodysuits to Michelle Pfeiffer inspired slink dresses, the 70’s were a wild and eclectic mix of fashion influences. One foot set in tube sock futuristic roller skating parties and the other in funkytown ala Studio 54. Rooting through your local Goodwill’s racks is an easy place to find pieces that can be up cycled for modern wear without getting you too much of a warning from the Street Fashion Police.

The easiest ways to work this fun era is with wide collars and bell bottoms. We found a vintage corduroy pair for only $14.99. Paired with a fresh white shirt and some vintage Euro style boots we scored for $19.99 (Eat your heart out Austin Powers!).


Secondly if you can live through the polyester, DVF has some FAB finds and more than once I’ve found some killer patterned wrap dresses to die for and ALL under $40.00 which is a STEAL when some on Ebay are $80 for opening bid! Pair with a savvy suede pump and call it corporate ready! Speaking of which, if you’re aiming for workplace appropriate, make things fun with chunky set of Lucite bangles or a pop or a strong brow and glossy lip, both of which harken that 70’s maven look. Keep the tresses natural and your walk confident and you’ll be feeling like Diane in no time!

And lastly, if all this disco talk sounds too intimidating, and head to toe Staying Alive isn’t your bag of Studio 54, try it in small doses, a metallic clutch, some champagne colored eyeshadow, or better yet keep your eyes peeled at Goodwill for a floor length leather coat, perfect for transitioning to early fall nights when summer is winding down.

So from the Bee Gee’s to Funkytown, get inspired! Clean out that dusty disco closet, and start prepping your staying alive wardrobe NOW! Freshen up your gear for late summer and get your glitter going for September, turn up the music and above all: HAVE FUN! Annnnnnd keep your eyes peeled for a potentially fun video series I’ll be helming this Fall on fashion! And follow my food, fun and travel treks on Twitter and Instagram @PlanetBrandee – till then, see you on the streets!

To find a Goodwill NYNJ Store near you, click here.

Your purchases support the mission of Goodwill.
To learn how we serve the community, please read our industry blog Where The Goodwill Goes

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