@PlanetBrandee – NEW Millennials and Thrifting Part 6 (Final)

collagegrandSpecial Report Series – GrandMaFun

It’s here, THE END! Welcome to the final post of my 6-part @PlanetBrandee series on the millennial mindset and Thrifting. In this series, we looked at the changing face of an entire generation, from fashion, thrifting, to eco-living and no trace left behind cultural mindset. Join me now as I wrap up the series with a final interview with GrandMaFun, an NYC expat now living in the heart of romantic NOLA. She is a multitalented dancer, artist and very gifted up-cycling/seamstress/designer.

PlanetBrandee: Grand, firstly, thank you for taking some time today to chat with me about the millennial mindset, and the importance of it to you. So let’s get started with the simple question: What does it mean to be millennial to you?

GrandMaFun: I don’t really think of myself as a millennial – I’m just like everyone else, trying to get a piece of the pie. Is that real millennial to say?

PB: Kind of (laughter) So, what about upcycling and thrifting appeals to you?

GM: Up-cycling and thrifting has appealed to me since a very young age. I was born and raised in the Philippines with a very large family so we shared everything and made do with the resources we had available. While my parents sent me new stuff from the U.S. I still had a love for second hand. I guess the influence of my grandmother being a seamstress in the neighborhood showed me insight on how to take one piece of material and turn it into something beautiful. Once I came to the U.S. and saw the excess of materials, I saw value in them whereas others saw trash just through sheer force of my upbringing and living in a 3rd world country. It wasn’t until I started working in NYC’s most prominent thrift shop, Housing Works where I discovered my love ran deep for discarded items. From clothing, housewares, books, and furniture I was able to sort through things that I found were special and unique. I feel that these items don’t just end right here because the owner no longer sees the value in it anymore. The history of the piece is what is of value to me.

PB: “I love the way you can take discarded piece and breathe new life into it. It’s a gift! So what’s your passion?

GM: EVERYTHING! I am passionate about making/creating/being a part of beautiful things in this world. I care about community, our environment, and our responsibilities as a society. I advocate for arts education, freedom to express our individuality, and accountability ofwhat we put out into the world.

PB: Expression is beyond valuable! On that note, what was the most amazing thing you’ve ever thrifted or DIYed?

GM: That question is tough; I have so many. I think the most amazing thing I have ever thrifted was a beautiful Christian Dior Champagne Polka Dot swing house robe that I regret giving away. It was pure heaven to prance around in it in my tiny New York City apartment at the time. I felt like Holly Golightly.

PB: YES! Best night mask ever. Who doesn’t love Audrey in that film?! So in closing, what would you say is the #1 thing you’d like to say for your generation? Something you’d like the world to know about Millennials?

GM: That we are not duds, not hardworking, and not all whiny. We care.

PB: Indeed. Thank you so much for sharing your outlook and experiences and keep a door open for me in NOLA, I’d love to see you again soon!

GM: Thank you, and have fun traveling with your blog, it was great to see you!

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