@PlanetBrandee – NEW Millennials and Thrifting Part 5

part 5 image GW NY NJ @PlanetBrandeeSpecial Report Series –Joe Dinoto

Welcome to part 5 of the 6 part @PlanetBrandee series on the millennial mindset and thrifting! With my new series, we’ll be looking at the changing face of an entire generation, from fashion, thrifting, to eco-living and no trace left behind cultural mindset. Join me now through next week as I wrap up the final interviews with members of this growing group and chat with Goodwill loving millennials who have embraced the up-cycling lifestyle. From performers, fashion designers and women in tech who love vintage, we’ll be diving into what attracts so many people to the NEW millennial mindset and shopping secondhand.

My next to last interview is with Joe Dinoto, a Baltimore based dancer, academic instructor and very talented juggler.

PlanetBrandee: Joe, thank you for taking some time today to chat with me about the millennial mindset, and the importance of it to you. So let’s get started with the simple question: What does it mean to be part of this generation to you?

Joe Dinoto: Thanks Brandee for having me, and to answer you, Webster defines “millennial” as “A person born in the 1980s or 1990s —usually plural” and Google defines “Millennial” as “A person reaching young adulthood around the year 2000.” The way I see it, if you have owned and frequently have used a cell phone to text messages since being 12-15 onwards, you are a millennial. I don’t consider myself a millennial for this reason.

PB: Agreed, and it’s very interesting you say that because for many, millennial is rapidly becoming a marketable mindset and not a definitive age mark. Moving on, what about upcycling and thrifting appeals to you?

JD: It’s bringing back the “reuse” portion of “reduce, reuse and recycle” which seems to have been cut back to “recycle” these days. I can find good, useful, interesting stuff for extremely low prices, or free. What is not to like about that?

PB: So true! When I go to Goodwill, I am constantly finding secondhand items that are nearly unused. It boggles my mind that if it were not for an educated consumer donating it, it’d be in a landfill, which is so interesting to trackback. Speaking of interesting, what are you passionate about and what has meaning for you as a millennial?

JD: Juggling, hiking, and recently – lindy hop dancing and dancing in general. Keeping physically fit. Making sure more people are scientifically literate.

PB: Dancing is a great way to stay fit and also network with new friends, so it’s exciting to hear that’s a new love for you! And you get to wear some pretty fabulous gear too! On that note, what was the most amazing thing you’ve ever thrifted or DIYed?

JD: Hmm, I like to make DIY juggling balls out of play pit balls, sand, and some hot glue. Super cheap and easy. Great work for workshops, I can just give them away and hope that at least one in a hundred kids ends up picking up juggling as a hobby.

PB: Giving back never gets old. That’s why I love Goodwill lol! So, in closing, if there was one thing about your generation you wish people could know, what would it be?

JD: I don’t know honestly. I don’t really identify with any given generation. I don’t say that in any hipster sense. I identify with jugglers – people who are always looking to learn something new and interesting, people who are open minded and caring about the world around them and are generally nice to people around them. But jugglers come in all shapes and sizes and ages.

PB: Diversity is key, that much is true. Thank you so much for sharing your outlook and experiences!

JD: Thank you, and have fun traveling with your blog, it was great to see you!

Join me next week as I wrap up this 6 part series on the millennial mindset! I’ll be interviewing one last fantastic character down in the heart of New Orleans! Love the buzzword of #millennial? Have feedback? Or just score an amazing #Goodwill find? Let me know! And follow my fashion, food and travel treks on Twitter and Instagram @PlanetBrandee – till next time, see you on the streets!!

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