@PlanetBrandee – NEW Millennials and Thrifting Part 4

Special Report Series – James Kamedulski


Welcome to part 4 of the @PlanetBrandee series on the millennial mindset and thrifting! With my new series, we’ll be looking at the changing face of an entire generation, from fashion, thrifting, to eco-living and no trace left behind cultural mindset! Join me through July as I interview and chat with Goodwill loving millennials who have embraced the up-cycling lifestyle. From performers, fashion designers and women in tech who love vintage, we’ll be diving into what attracts so many people to the NEW millennial mindset and shopping secondhand!

My fourth interview is with James Kamedulski, a New York based millennial. His diverse work in creative organizations and startups has him wear many hats, and as a creative person he frequents Goodwill and other secondhand sources for inspiration. Join me as I chat with him at his home base in Connecticut about what it means to be a millennial.

@PlanetBrandee: James, firstly, thank you for taking some time today to chat with me about the millennial mindset! What do you feel being a millennial means exactly?

@James: To me, it’s the carefree attitude that comes with exploring and experimenting with new technology, bringing new perspectives to the table, and a willingness to be compassionate.”

PB: What about up-cycling and thrifting appeals to you?

@James: The ability to find something that is unique as well as the chance to find a cool piece of clothing that not only complements your style but also lets you own something that no one else can get. Although at times you really have to dig through to find something good, it always seems worth it at the end. 

PB: What are you passionate about as a millenial?

@James: I’m rather passionate about environmental issues. I read a lot about this topic, so I can stay informed and convey the information to other people. I see this as a truly unifying and universal issue. Other than that, I of course love a good book, television show, or movie with a thrilling and interesting plot, style and trends, and cooking tasty French food!

PB: What was the most amazing thing you’ve ever thrifted?

@James: There was this great thrift store called Petrune’s in downtown Ithaca, where I went to college. They had a lot of great finds there and serendipitously at great prices! I quite like this waxed cotton olive-green British hunting coat I bought there once; it definitely complements my personal style.

PB: If there is one thing about your generation you wish people could know, what would it be?

@James: I’d suggest not believing everything negative you read about millenials. We’re motivated individuals who strive to make positive changes within our highly connected networks at within the world at large.

@PB: And one of those ways is obviously by shopping smart and doing good things for others! Thanks so much James for joining me in this conversation! And tune in next week as I continue on extra bit this now 5 part series on the millennial mindset! I’ll be interviewing one more fantastic character here in New York City. Love the buzzword of millennial? Have feedback? Or just score an amazing #Goodwill find? Let me know! And follow my fashion, food and travel treks on Twitter and Instagram @PlanetBrandee – till next time, see you on the streets!


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