Goodwill Gems – High-Fashion Summer Footwear

It’s somehow almost July. It still feels like summer has just started—and also like we’re barreling toward the end of it (and sunshine and vacation) way too quickly. So now is the time to really make the most of the season. When you have a beautiful day off but, for whatever crazy reason, aren’t headed to the beach, then it’s time to dress in fun, funky, comfy, and colorful clothes that just scream summer.

But how do you dress your feet when you’ve got on a light, airy, lovely summer ensemble that’s neither super dressy nor totally casual, but falls somewhere in between? Do yourself a favor and skip the flip-flops. Instead, go for some gorgeous grown-up shoes that will make any semi-casual and cute summer outfit look instantly classier. This week’s amazing Goodwill find is a pair of pretty peep toes that’s great for dressing up absolutely any summer outfit—and also perfect for transition from summer into fall (but let’s not think about that too much now). The simple chic styling, classic leather upper, and black-and-grey two-tone color combo is so chic, I can guarantee you’ll get compliments on them as soon as you step out the door. The thick heel is comfier than a stiletto—so you can actually walk around and enjoy your nice summer day in them—and the very practical ankle strap will keep them firmly in place

Just can’t decide what shoes to wear with all your favorite summer wardrobe pieces? Ditch the cheap sandals and pop on these stunning peep-toed heels instead!

No wrong options. These classic, classy heels are full of style, but they’re also in a pretty neutral color palette, so they’re easy to pair with all of summer’s bright colors—whether you like loud, in-your-face neon tones or softer, subtler pastels, these shoes will absolutely stunning alongside your favorite pieces. Here, I’ve chosen a top with some of those really vibrant neon colors, but paired them with a loose black pant, so the whole ensemble doesn’t come off looking brash.  These shoes—with their touch of black underneath but slightly lighter top leather layer—will stand out a bit from the black pant, but won’t fight with the lively neon hues in the top.

There’s no better finishing touch for a fantastically light, loose, fun summer outfit than a stunning pair of high-heeled shoes that show off just enough skin.

There’s no better-finishing touch for a fantastically light, loose, fun summer outfit than a stunning pair of high-heeled shoes that show off just enough skin.

Lauren Haslett writes “Goodwill Gems,” our weekly column about everything accessories here in A Good Look. She is a lover of fabulous fashion, a trained chef and a writer.  Follow her on twitter.

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