@PlanetBrandee – NEW Millennials and Thrifting Part 3


Special Report Series – Chase Springer

Welcome to part 3 of the @PlanetBrandee series on the millennial mindset and thrifting! We’ll look at the changing face of an entire generation, from fashion, thrifting, to eco-living and no trace left behind cultural mindset! Join me now through July as I interview and chat with Goodwill loving millennials who have embraced the up-cycling lifestyle. From performers, fashion designers and women in tech who love vintage, we’ll be diving into what attracts so many people to the NEW millennial mindset and shopping secondhand.

My third interview is with Chase Springer, a New York based millennial. His work in writing has him wear many hats, and as a creative person he frequents Goodwill and other secondhand sources for inspiration. Join us as we chat in Bushwick, Brooklyn about what it means to be a millennial.

@PlanetBrandee: Chase, firstly, thank you for taking some time today to chat with me about the millennial mindset. You’re a fantastic and creative individual. I think you have a very unique viewpoint on what it means to be living in this particular space assigned to millennial, yes?

Chase Springer: It’s a weird time, and the attention span of the Average American lasts 15 seconds (thanks, Vine!). Being a millennial means dealing with the status quo and trying to fight it and change it.

PB: Agreed, based on my experience working in tech, we’ve got maybe about 6 seconds to win people over these days. It’s hard to feel connected or tuned in with so many virtual and unnecessary swipe left distractions, right?

CS: We’ve over-farmed and over-consumed enough. Being able to put more use into someone else’s trash is an incredible way to lessen the consumer demand for new, destructive productions. Plus the styles of decades past oftentimes far surpass our current trends. So I love the looks I find in thrift stores.

PB: Yes, and it’s easy to see a counter movement happening where people say “hey, I don’t need 3 SUV’s and a double wide townhouse, I don’t need debt. I need experiences, not things.” It’s not just a buzzword trend, it’s becoming a reality for many millennials.

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