Are You Giving Shade?

Whether you call them shades, stunnas or hater-blockers, sunglasses are a must-have summer accessory. Sunglasses give a cool, posh and glamorous factor to whoever wears them, from little kids, celebrities to grandmas. Sunglasses give you an air of mystery an aloofness that is irreplaceable.

Sunglasses are one of the most democratic accessories you can purchase as they have both a superficial and practical use. Your favorite thrift store sells a cornucopia of sunglasses, from vintage to contemporary. They allow you to time-travel within various decades and style icons to match your mood as well as face. There have been notable celebrities who wear sunglasses, below are some of the most iconic.

Jackie Onassis
The former first lady was huge on maintaining her privacy but at the same time, she created the East Coast poshness and the lady who lunches but wants to stay low-key about how outings. Known for her oversized frames, that actually brought more attention than drew away from., Jackie Onassis knew all about blocking the paparazzi out.
John Lennon
Imagine a world without the iconic images of the late great John Lennon in his round metal frames, that made the former Beatle a stylized version of himself. The image of those hippie expressive frames still live on.
Anna Wintour
The Devil Wears Shades because this fashionista never takes her shades off. The Vogue editrix uses shades as a form of emotional armor as well as an accessory. Whatever her personal choice she looks great.

Benny and the Jets singer was all about the over the top glammed out shades that were part of a costume. If you are as bold and brave as Sir John, go for it and get your glam on.


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