Levi Strauss Team Volunteers at Goodwill

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For the fourth year in a row, a team of Levi Strauss & Co. employees chose to spend their Community Day volunteering at Goodwill NY-NJ last week.Tom led a team of three that included Karen and Erin to work at our Springfield, NJ Goodwill store for four hours last Thursday, May 7. They joined the Goodwill team of retail staff and merchandisers.

Thomas Leszega, who has worked for Levi’s for sixteen years, is the District Manager who oversees the territory that covers the markets in New Jersey, Philadelphia, PA, and Long island and Brooklyn, NY. Both Karen and Erin have worked at Levi’s for over five years and cover major department store accounts. Karen covers central NJ and Staten Island, and Erin covers Northern NJ.

Tom and his team, whose official title is “Merchandise Coordinator,” have a true passion for the Levi’s brand and have excellent merchandising skills.

“As a team, we have really enjoyed partnering with Goodwill the past few years,” says Tom. “It has been a very rewarding experience and we have met some great people at Goodwill too.”

The Levi’s team worked in tandem with the Goodwill staff in:

    • Visual merchandising “how to”
      • Window displays and mannequins
      • End-cap displays
      • Sorting, storage and organizing
    • Colorizing and color-wheel training
    • Customer service skills

Career insights and advice about working in retail

Goodwill’s nation-wide have had a long standing partnership with Levi’s for many years.

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